1 Year Old Gift Ideas: The Best Gifts For 1 Year Olds

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a one-year-old? With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our curated list of the best gifts for one-year-olds.

Characteristics of One-Year-Olds

Before we dive into the specific gift ideas, let’s first discuss the characteristics and interests commonly seen in one-year-old children.

  • At this age, kids are starting to explore their environment
  • They are fascinated by cause-and-effect relationships
  • Motor skills such as crawling and walking are developing rapidly
  • They enjoy toys that have bright colors, textures or make noise

Keeping these traits in mind can help narrow down your search and select appropriate gifts that stimulate growth and development while providing hours of entertainment.

Curated List of Gift Ideas

Toys that Encourage Exploration

One-year-olds love exploring their surroundings; toys that encourage exploration will keep them entertained for hours on end! Some examples include:

  • Activity tables with buttons or levers to push
  • Shape sorters
  • Stackable blocks

    Tip: Consider getting multi-functional toys like an activity cube or busy board which feature a variety of activities all in one toy!

Musical Instruments & Sound-Making Toys

Music is great for babies at this age because they learn from listening and repetition. Musical instruments and sound-making toys help develop rhythm sense & hand-eye coordination simultaneously. Here are some ideas:

  • Small musical instruments such as maracas
  • Animal sounds books/toys (best when paired with stuffed animals)
  • Toy pianos/xylophones

    Pro Tip: Pick up ones made out of wood instead of plastic! The natural material makes resonates much better.

Sensory Playthings

Sensory playthings are great for developing fine motor skills and stimulating the child’s senses. Here are some that we recommend!

  • Soft puffy balls of different colors
  • Sensory bottles filled with water beads or glitter
  • Squishy toys like play dough, slime or kinetic sand

Ride-On Toys & Walkers

One-year-olds may be capable of walking but still need help with stability! Some products could enhance their physical development like:

  • Wooden rocking horses
  • Push cars
  • Walker toys (prevents accidents)


There you have it: our top picks for one-year-old gifts. We hope this guide helped you find the perfect gift to give your little ones on their special day. Remember, at this age, they learn through play; therefore, choose something which is both fun and educational!

Happy gifting!


Q1. What kind of toys are best for a 1-year-old?
A: Toys that encourage exploration and development of fine motor skills such as stacking blocks, shape sorters, push and pull toys, activity tables, musical instruments, and interactive books are great options for a 1-year-old.

Q2. Are educational gifts appropriate for a 1-year-old?
A: Yes, educational gifts can be great options for 1-year-olds. Look for items that focus on colors, shapes, cause-and-effect relationships or basic counting.

Q3. Is it okay to give electronic devices as gifts to a 1-year-old?
A: Experts recommend limiting screen time exposure in children under the age of two so giving electronic devices may not be the best idea. Opting instead to choose physical toys with which children can interact is more beneficial at this age range.