10 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Employees


Celebrating an employee’s decade of dedication and loyalty is a significant accomplishment that every employer should commemorate. It not only recognizes their hard work but also instills a sense of belonging and appreciation in the employees, enhancing their motivation to keep working harder. However, finding the perfect gift that truly shows your gratitude can be challenging.

With this article, we’ve gathered ten unique and thoughtful gift ideas to inspire you as you celebrate your employees’ 10-year anniversary.

Gift Ideas

  1. Customized Desk Accessories: Personalize items such as pens, paperweights or notebooks with the employee’s name.
    • Sub-bullet point: You can include a heartfelt message on each item to make it more special.
  2. Timepiece: A high-quality watch or wall clock serves as a memorable reminder of their time with the company.
  3. Experience Vouchers: Treat them to an experience they’ve always wanted; perhaps cooking classes or skydiving lessons.
  4. Travel Packages: A weekend getaway at a serene location would be perfect for unwinding after years of continuous hard work.
  5. Wall Artwork: Consider gifting something handmade or customized by local artists (paintings, sculptures).
  6. Membership Deals/Subscriptions: Look into annual memberships or subscription boxes catered towards someone’s likes/interests/hobbies e.g., wine-of-the-month clubs; gourmet food baskets; gym membership plan options etc.
  7. Gourmet Snacks/Beverages Hamper – Lighten up any office day-to-day routine with this indulgent selection box filled with artisanal chocolates bites/almonds/crackers/popcorn/nuts & much more!
  8. Tech Gadgets – Think along practical lines here; electronics that’ll come in handy around the home-office e.g., tablet stylus/docks/charging stations/portable speakers/blue light glasses/smartwatch trackers etc.
  9. Luxury Stationery Set – Go for high-quality journal or planner sets, along with matching calligraphy pens and markers.
  10. Customized Crystal Award – Commission a bespoke crystal award to commemorate their loyal service- it’ll stand at the forefront of their office desk & throughout time remind them they’re appreciated!


A 10-year anniversary calls for appreciation, recognition, gratitude and gifts! With these ideas in mind, you can give your employees that sense of value that often goes beyond the material gift itself.
Remember to take into account the individual’s personality type when choosing which gift is appropriate.

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What are some traditional 10 year anniversary gifts for employees?
– Traditional gifts for a 10th work anniversary include tin or aluminum items such as photo frames, coasters, travel mugs, and desk accessories. Other popular options include watches, jewelry, or personalized plaques.

What are some unique 10 year anniversary gift ideas for employees?
– Some unique gift ideas could be an experience voucher such as a hot air balloon ride or a cooking class, a customized piece of artwork that reflects the company’s culture or mission statement, or a high-tech gadget such as noise-cancelling headphones.

Is it necessary to give every employee the same gift on their 10 year anniversary?
– While giving the same gift to everyone may seem like an easy solution for managers to implement, it’s not necessarily required. It can show favoritism and can also lack personalization for each individual employee who has reached this milestone in their career path with your organization. Consider offering various options allowing employees to select something they will cherish and remember beyond their tenure at your company.