15 Best Gifts for Zelda Fans in 2021

Are you searching for a unique and memorable gift for the Zelda fan in your life? Look no further than our curated list of the top gifts for Zelda fans that they’re sure to love. From clothing and accessories to board games and gadgets, we have everything you need to surprise and delight any Zelda fan.

Clothing and Accessories

  1. Legend of Zelda Hoodie: Keep your loved one warm with this cozy hoodie featuring iconic symbols from the popular game.
  2. Zelda Tote Bag: Show off their love for the game with this stylish tote bag decorated with recognizable elements.
  3. Triforce Necklace: This delicate necklace features an elegant design of the Triforce, offering a subtle way for them to showcase their fandom.

Board Games

  1. The Legend of Zelda Chess Set: For something more cerebral, try gifting this beautiful chess set inspired by characters from the game.
  2. Clue: The Legend of Zelda Edition: A twist on a classic favorite, Clue gets an adventurous update as players solve mysteries using familiar characters and settings.

Home Decor

6.Link Stained Glass Night Light: Let your loved one feel like they’re sleeping in style with Link glowing throughout their room!
7.Majora’s Mask Wall Clock: Recreate Majora’s Mask itself right on any wall! Add lighting around it & make it look amazing!


  1. Ocarina Replica: Give them the chance to recreate some nostalgic moments from their favorite game when learning simple songs through an ocarina replica.
    9.Nintendo Switch Special Edition Console (Zelda): Your friend or family member can show off who much they enjoy playing Breath Of The Wild by having custom-designed Joy-Cons Nintendo switch console.


10.Twilight Princess Statue Collection : For the serious collector, add some figures of Zelda characters to their collection.
11.Zelda: Art and Artifacts book: Offering fans behind-the-scenes artwork and commentary on the entire series, there is no better collectible than this.


12.Zelda Phone Case: Keep their phone protected with a phone case decked out in colorful images from the game.
13.Wireless Switch Controller: With this wireless controller, they can play all their favorite Zelda games with ease.


  1. Rupee-Shaped Soap Set: These bath bombs shaped like rupees come in various colors for added variety.
    15.Legend of Zelda Candle: Indulge in memories of quests past while enjoying scents inspired by classic locations of The Legend Of Zelda.

There you have it! Our top picks for the best gifts for Zelda fans in 2021 that are sure to impress any fan out there.Discover even more great gift ideas at BestInvesters.com!


What kind of gifts can I get for a Zelda fan in 2021?
Answer: There are plenty of gift options for a Zelda fan in 2021, including limited edition statues and figurines, replica weapons such as the Master Sword or Hylian Shield, game-themed clothing like t-shirts and hoodies, collectible art books and posters, and even exclusive Nintendo Switch consoles with custom Zelda designs.

Are there any special edition items that would make great gifts for a Zelda fan?
Answer: Yes! Special edition items can be highly sought after by collectors and fans alike. Some examples include the “Zelda Breath of the Wild Master Trials” expansion pass bundle featuring an exclusive T-shirt, a Limited Edition Ganondorf statue from First4Figures, or the Legend of Zelda encyclopedia deluxe set which includes three hardcover volumes full of artwork, lore, and insider information about the series.

Can I find unique handcrafted gifts perfect for my friend who loves The Legend of Zelda? Answer: Absolutely! You can find handmade products on websites such as Etsy or by supporting independent artists online. Examples may include custom-made jewelry like earrings shaped like Rupees or Triforce symbols; crocheted plushies of characters like Link or Navi; hand-painted shoes with themed designs; candles inspired by dungeons in different games within The Legend Of Zelda franchise; even personalizing your own keychain to commemorate their favorite character will mean so much to them!