15 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Coworkers

Valentine’s day is coming up fast, and if you’re like most people, you likely have a few coworkers whom you’d like to show appreciation this year. However, finding the perfect last-minute valentine’s gift can be stressful. To help alleviate some of that stress, we’ve curated a list of 15 Valentine’s Day gifts that are sure to make your coworkers feel appreciated.

#1: Personalized Stationery Set

Who doesn’t love a good stationery set? A personalized set with their name or initials on it is an even better option. Not only will your coworker appreciate the thoughtfulness behind such a gift but they’ll also be able to use it for years to come.

#2: Desk Plant

A desk plant is both visually appealing and functional- who wouldn’t want something cute and green on their desk to cheer them up? Plants such as succulents or cacti are low maintenance plants yet still add plenty of life to any office space.

#3: Custom Coffee Mug

Personalized mugs are always a thoughtful and practical choice- everyone uses one at work! Add in some chocolates or coffee beans for an extra sweet touch.

#4: Phone Stand

A phone stand will keep your coworker’s desk organized whilst eliminating unnecessary clutter.. With all the benefits of increased productivity and better ergonomics too!

#5: Weekly Planner Pad

Spare your colleagues from post-it note reminders by gifting them weekly planner pads instead. Perfect for staying organised throughout hectic work weeks!

## #6: Cozy Socks

With winter months in full swing, why not give the gift of cozy socks? This is an inexpensive way to show someone you care while keeping feet warm during chilly office hours.

## #7: Work Playlist Recommendations

If music plays an important role in your office, share your favorite work-themed playlist and give them practical guidance on how to optimize productivity through the power of music.

#8: Massage Gift Card

Everyone can benefit from a massage after stressful periods at work, so gift cards for massages make an excellent last-minute Valentine’s Day treat. This ideally combines appreciation and relaxation!

## #9: Desktop Garden

Similar to desk plants, a desktop garden is perfect for coworkers who appreciate a mini garden in their workspace. It’s low maintenance and provides calm during hectic days at the office.

#10: Personalized Pen Set

These pens are not only elegant but they add a touch of professionalism when used with note-taking or signing official documents – it is also one more non-tech ways to gift them.

#11: Reusable Water Bottle

A thoughtful water bottle will be highly appreciated by any health-conscious coworker you have! A glass or metal bottle that holds up throughout frequent daily usage can scream effort and care towards wellness.

12# : Gratitude Jar

As we all know gratitude leads to positive thoughts & energy which makes tough business scenarios much better. Gifting a gratitude jar will encourage your colleague(s) to practice mindfulness every day — giving them the chance to reflect positively even amidst challenges within the workplace.

## 13#: Chocolate Box

Who doesn’t like chocolates? Chocolates are always considered as sweet gesture plus adding customized thank you message onto the box just for extra attention would be memorable. At BestInvesters we recommend Tea Room Delivery Company – Artisan Truffle Collection Box as our favorite choice.

##14#: Headphones /Earbuds

For colleagues looking for privacy, earbuds/headphones can help isolate sound – reducing noise distractions while immersing into next level focus mode thus increasing productivity too! Quality headphones such as Sennheiser HD600 or Bose QuietComfort15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones are perfect.

## #15: Personalised Laptop Sleeve

Last but not least, is a personalised laptop sleeve – something that your colleague can carry their work essentials conveniently while expressing personal style. The Tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Shoulder Bag should do the trick!


We hope this list of last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts for coworkers has given you some good ideas to show appreciation towards your colleagues. Remember, it’s always the thought behind the gift as well as consideration for coworker preference and what they might find useful in-office environments that counts most of all!


1) Q: What are some affordable last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for coworkers?
A: Some affordable last minute gift ideas include personalized mugs, heart-shaped chocolates or candy, small succulent plants, or cute desk accessories like a fun calendar or colorful sticky notes.

2) Q: Can I still order flowers for delivery on Valentine’s Day?
A: Yes, many florists offer same-day delivery options. However, it’s best to call and check availability as delivery times may be limited on the actual holiday.

3) Q: Are there any DIY gifts that can be made quickly for colleagues?
A: Yes! Consider making homemade sweets like chocolate-covered pretzels or marshmallow pops decorated with festive sprinkles. You could also create personalized art prints using free printable designs found online and framing them in inexpensive frames. If you have access to a photo printer, printing out photos of your coworkers and creating mini photo albums is another thoughtful gift option.