17 Birthday Gift Ideas for the Cool Girl

Are you on the lookout for a birthday gift for your friend, sister, or daughter who is a trendy and fashionable girl? Look no further as we have handpicked some unique and cool gift ideas that will perfectly suit her style.

Characteristics of the Cool Girl

Before diving into our recommendations, let’s take a quick look at what makes a cool girl stand out from the crowd:

  • She loves to experiment with fashion and is not afraid to try new trends.
  • She has an eye for aesthetics and appreciates good design.
  • She values experiences over material possessions.
  • She enjoys spending time with friends and trying new activities.

Now that we know what makes a cool girl tick, let’s get started on our list of 17 amazing birthday gifts!

Gift Ideas

1. Instax Mini Camera

For any cool girl who loves photography and capturing memories in unique ways, an instant camera like Instax Mini Camera would be perfect. It comes in various colors, takes instant pictures that are wallet-sized so she can share photos right away.

2. Portable Charger

A portable charger is always a useful gadget to keep her phone charged up all day long especially when she’s out exploring trendy restaurants or traveling around town taking Instagrammable shots.

3. Personalized Phone Case

Make sure your loved one doesn’t lose track of their phone with this personalized case option from Casetify which allows them to switch up between multiple personalized designs depending on their mood.

4.AirPods Pros

AirPods aren’t just stylish but incredibly practical while use during workouts (the sweatproof feature), commute or simply while enjoying music at home– now even better with noise-cancellation functionality built-in

5.Jewelry Organizer

Organize jewelry in minimalistic yet chic way gets particularly important beyond storing diamond necklaces or a precious pair of earrings, like the acrylic stand from 7 Twenty Four which allows you to see all pieces clearly and prevent tangles in the future.

6. Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask is a trendy reusable water bottle that keeps drinks cold for hours, making it perfect for hiking trips or workout sessions.

7. Cast Iron Skillet

The cool girl who loves to cook will appreciate the versatility and durability of a cast iron skillet that can be used on stovetops and in ovens.

8.Acrylic Paint Set

If she has an artistic side, consider gifting her with an acrylic paint set to unleash creativity at home during free time.

9.Adidas Originals Superstar Sneakers

These sneakers have been worn by style icons since decades agoand are having another moment in fashion right now – need we say more?

10.Treasure & Bond Backpack

An effortlessly stylish backpack option she can take out to dinner with friends anytime as well as travel adventures–classic but also practical

###11.Nintendo Switch Lite
For gaming enthusiasts among us, consider getting Nintendo Switch Lite – compact yet featured-filled for hours of fun alone or among friends

###12.Succulent Garden Kit
Allowing this cool girl to bring nature indoors-one succulent at a time; plus great chance for stress-relieving through gardening during quarantine days

###13.Fashionable Sunglasses
A statement sunglass collection piece never goes out of style-these unique frames from Tonsure would jazz up any outfit instantaneously!

###14.Designer Fragrance
A new fragrance is always a sign of luxury and good taste- try indulging her senses with one-of-a-kind scent options such Le Labo Santal 33 Perfume

###15.Portable Bluetooth Speakers
Music lover? These portable speakers from Bose is equipped with various color cases plus sound quality suited for intimate gatherings.

###16.Design book
A beautiful-illustrated design book for the coffee table is not just a decoration but also an inspiration source

###17.Subscription Box
Gift her monthly with a personalized box from Birchbox, filled-to-the-brim with beauty and skincare products sure to make her day brighter.

Wrapping Up

From trendy accessories to practical gadgets and unique experiences, there are endless options for birthday gifts for the cool girl in your life. Remember that personalization is key when selecting any gifts– add on funny inside jokes or sweet memories between you two can instantly turn almost anything into a perfect gift!


What are some unique birthday gifts for a cool girl turning 17?
– A personalized charm bracelet or necklace with her name or initial
– Customized phone case with her favorite quote or image
– A trendy and stylish crossbody bag

What are some affordable birthday gift ideas for a cool girl turning 17?
– A funny and funky graphic T-shirt
– Cute sunglasses with colorful frames
– A set of nail polishes in bright, fun colors

Can you suggest some experiential birthday gifts for a cool girl turning 17?
– A spa day package including massage, facial and mani-pedi
– Tickets to see her favorite band or artist in concert
– An adventure park pass that allows access to zip-lining, rock climbing or other high thrill activities