25 Cool and Unusual Gifts for Guys Who Have Everything

Are you struggling to come up with a unique gift idea for that special guy in your life who seems to have everything? Look no further! We’ve put together a list of 25 cool and unusual gifts that are sure to impress even the hardest-to-shop-for men.

Gift Ideas Based on Interests

Here are some gift ideas based on specific interests:

For the Tech-Lover:

  1. Virtual Reality Headset – Take gaming and movie watching to the next level with a VR headset.
  2. Smartphone Camera Lens Kit – Upgrade his smartphone photography skills with an attachable lens kit.
  3. Smart Watch – Keep him connected while tracking his fitness goals simultaneously.

For The Outdoorsman:

  1. Camping Hammock – Give him a comfortable spot to relax on his next camping trip.
  2. Collapsible Water Bottle – Perfect for hikes, bike rides or any other outdoor activities where hydration is key!
  3. Portable Grill Set – Now he can take grilling wherever he goes!

For The Traveler:

  1. Scratch-Off Map – A fun way to keep track of all the amazing places he’s visited
  2. Noise-Canceling Headphones – Make sure long flights are more enjoyable by blocking out background noise.
  3. Travel Pillow + Eye Mask Combo Pack – Get him ready for sleep anytime, anywhere during travel.

Personalized Gift Suggestions

Here are some personalized gift suggestions that will show how much thought went into finding something tailored just for him:

Custom Whiskey Barrel

  1. One-of-a-kind barrels of American white oak, handcrafted specifically for aging whiskey in small batches at home.

Engraved Pocket Knife

11.Small pocket knives featuring personalized engravings make perfect sentimental gifts they’ll carry for a lifetime.

Personalized Leather Travel Bag

  1. A leather travel bag that can be personalized with initials or name is both stylish and practical!

Foodie Gift Ideas

Here are some great gift ideas for the foodies in your life:

Hot Sauce Making Kit

  1. Create his own custom hot sauce with this DIY kit.

Mini Waffle Maker

14.Now he can whip up breakfast on the road, or just make perfect mini waffles at home!

Whiskey Tasting Set

15.Explore unique flavors of whiskey from around the world with this tasting set.

Unique and Quirky Gifts

For those who like to think outside of traditional gifting norms check out these unique & quirky gifts! :

Desktop Golf Game

16.A miniature golf game that they can bring to their desk!

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

17.For fans of all ages, start their day off right by making waffles shaped into everyone’s favorite space station from galaxies far away.
### Pair Of Gloves With Bluetooth Speakers
18.Winter gloves that double up as bluetooth speakers – genius? We think so!

Self-Care Gift Ideas

Isn’t it time we invest in ourselves too? Here are some thoughtful and luxurious self-care gifts:

  1. Massage Gun – Give him a deep tissue massage without leaving your house.
  2. Himalayan Salt Lamp – An air purifying Himalayan salt lamp adds ambiance to any room while enhancing overall well-being.
  3. Facial Grooming Subscription Box – Delight him monthly with skincare items tailored specifically to his grooming routine.

Experience Gift Ideas

Sometimes experiences make better memories than tangible things! In this era where safety comes first you may opt for one these shared virtual events:

22-25 Virtual Cooking Class Night; join an online cooking class featuring beginner-friendly recipes ready 2 hours
26-29 Online wine tasting; Enjoy different types of wines by joining an online wine tasting event!
30-33 Virtual workout sessions with a personal trainer, Pilates instructor or yoga teacher


There you have it – our list of 25 cool and unusual gifts for guys who seem to have everything. Whether he’s a tech-lover, outdoorsman, foodie, traveler or simply hard-to-shop-for man in general – this list offers something for everyone! Remember to choose a gift that reflects his personality while keeping the message behind it simple but heartfelt.

TOP 10 Unique and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

As we all know, buying a gift for a book lover can be a daunting task. With so many options available in the market, how do you choose something that is not only unique but also meaningful? At BestInvesters, we understand your dilemma and have curated a list of top ten thoughtful gift ideas that will make any book lover’s day.

1. Personalized Library Embosser

A personalized library embosser is an excellent gift idea for someone who takes pride in their personal library collection. These embossers come with custom plates that feature the name or initials of the recipient. They can easily mark their books with their own personalized stamp to give them an official look and even deter others from borrowing them!

2. Bookish Candles

There’s nothing quite like curling up on the couch with a good book and some scented candles to set the mood. Bookish candles make great gifts because they are usually inspired by different classic novels or literary genres such as mystery, romance, fantasy, etc., giving readers immersive experiences while they read.

3. Literary-themed Tea Set

Many book lovers enjoy reading while sipping on tea or coffee; why not get them a beautifully designed teapot along with cups decorated with literary characters or themes? This could be something like Alice in Wonderland themed tea set allowing readers to dive into its world while enjoying their hot drink.

4. Wearable Books Scarf

If you want to get creative with your gift choice, then consider gifting this unique accessory: A wearable books scarf! This scarf features pages from classic novels printed onto it – letting your friend wear her favorite novel whenever she wants!

5.Handmade Leather-bound Journal

For those who prefer writing over reading, there’s no better way than gifting them handmade leather-bound journals for note-taking and journaling. These journals are made with high-quality materials and come in beautiful designs that will last for years to come.

6. Book-shaped Tissue Box Cover

This quirky gift is a great way to add some personality to any room, giving it a subtle bookish touch. This cleverly designed tissue box cover makes your tissues look like mini books – perfect for anyone who wants to keep their home or office looking stylish yet functional.

7. Literary-Themed Socks

Who says socks can’t be literary? Get your loved one some fun novelty socks decorated with different book covers or literary characters such as the classic Dr.Seuss-themed cat in the hat or Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice main characters.

8.Wooden Book Rest Lamp

Say goodbye to bedtime reading struggles! A wooden book rest lamp serves multiple purposes – holding books open while providing ambient lighting for late-night readers without straining their eyes.

9.Coffee Table Books

A coffee table book always looks impressive, so why not get a title that matches your friend’s interests such as Art History, Design Trends, Geography? Coffee table books make excellent conversation starters when guests visit too!

10.Bookstore Gift Card

Last but not least, if you’re still unsure about what to give her/him after all else fails: Go practical by choosing bookstore gift cards! It might seem boring at first glance, But this card lets them pick out whatever they want from an extensive collection of titles available at their leisure time..

In conclusion, these unique and thoughtful gifts ideas show just how much care you put into selecting something special just for them! Whatever choice made ultimately whether quirky or classic; all of these options will bring happiness and delight into any reader’s life- proving again that sometimes the best things really do come in small (book-shaped) packages!


Q: What is a good gift for a guy who has everything?
A: Some popular gifts for guys who have everything include unique experiences such as hot air balloon rides, cooking classes, or wine tasting tours. Tech gadgets like smart home devices and wireless headphones are also great options.

Q: Are there any affordable gifts on the list of 25 cool and unusual gifts for guys who have everything?
A: Yes! The list includes several affordable options such as personalized grilling tools, quirky socks, and mini arcade games.

Q: What makes these gifts “cool” and “unusual”?
A: These gifts were chosen because they stand out from traditional gift ideas. They offer unique features like customizable designs or innovative technology that make them exciting to receive and use. Additionally, many of these items are not commonly found in regular stores so they offer a level of originality that can be hard to find elsewhere.