25 Craft Ideas for Kids to Make as Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s day is approaching, and it’s an excellent time for children to show their appreciation and love for their mothers. One way they can do that is by making a unique gift that their mother will treasure forever. In this article, we’ve compiled 25 craft ideas for kids to make as special Mother’s Day gifts.

Why are handmade Mother’s Day crafts special?

Handmade crafts have a personal touch that store-bought items often lack. These DIY gifts are made with love by the children themselves, which makes them more meaningful than anything money could buy. Handmade gifts also give children an opportunity to use their creativity and imagination while learning new skills.

There are numerous craft options available, but these 25 projects stand out as some of the best choices:

1. Painted Flower Pot

A vibrantly colored painted flower pot is the perfect gift idea to celebrate mom on her special day! With bright colors and cute designs, young artists can personalize their pots with creative flair!

* A terra cotta flowerpot
* Acrylic paint
* Paintbrushes

1. First off ensure you have all supplies ready.
2. Choose your color schemes then paint base coats onto each individual pot.
3. Let dry overnight before adding any patterns or designs.
4.Once dried add in pattern details such as lines or dots then let dry again.

2.Handprint Apron

A handprint apron adorned with colorful prints created from little hands is both practical and sentimental.

* White cotton apron
* Fabric paint (multiple colors)
* Foam brushes
1.Wash & iron pre-purchased white aprons prior to beginning crafting project.
2.With help from adult tutor painters create one child’ s hand into multi-colored fabric paints using foam brush across lower portion of apron.
3. Once dry , add contrasting details such as polka dots or stripes on top.

3.Butterfly Footprint Canvas

A beautiful butterfly footprint canvas is a fun activity that results in an elegant piece of art, perfect for hanging in mom’s room.

* White canvas
* Acrylic paint (multiple colors)
1. Prepare the area and supplies for painting by laying down newspaper cover over floor area where your child will make their masterpiece.
2. Choose two of your favorite colors to use then paint onto sole of foot making sure it’s coated well but not overly drenched.
3.Carefully press painted foot down in center of white canvas surface then repeat process with other healthy foot creating the shape and body structure needed for building out butterfly wings around central point.

4.Handmade Jewellery Holder

Making a handmade jewelry holder is an easy craft project that moms are sure to love! It keeps jewelry organized while adding a touch of elegance to any space.

* Wooden tray or box
* Paint (optional)
* Scrapbook paper/Decorative paper
* Mod Podge
1.Sand wooden tray into variety shapes or sizes if desired ensuring smooth edges before progressing further into project assembly steps.
2.Paint wood pieces within acrylic paints to create new color schemes if wanted allowing time to dry completely after each coat application.
3.Once dried cut decorative paper fits bottom interior portion tray sides being mindful air bubbles which may appear throughout starting at middle working hands pushing outward smoothness avoiding wrinkles along surface area flatnesses too excess glue overflows..
4.Apply modge podge adhesive finish layer all-in-one coat across multiple layers securing decorated papers chosen beforehand within items seen daily

5.Fingerprint Flower Bookmarks

These cute bookmarks made from fingerprints are both useful and sentimental, reminding mom how much her children appreciate her with every page they read.

* White paper
* Green craft paper/cardstock
* Inkpad (multiple colors)
1.Find clean white card stock shapes for bookmarks that are cut out carefully with firm precision.
2.With child’s assistance ink fingertips using fluorescent colors, then press prints onto cardstock to form flower petals after drying.
3. Cut out stem and leaves from green construction, apply good layer glue reserved spaces throughout bookmark top covering mark application on flat surface with a new coat of adhesive sealant before drying thoroughly

6.Button Bouquet

A bouquet made entirely of colorful buttons is the perfect gift for any mom who loves flowers, but doesn’t want them to wilt away quickly!

* Wooden skewers
* Buttons (various sizes and colors)
* Floral tape
1.Slide a series of large or small size colorful buttons onto each wooden skewer base ensuring lengthwise evenness placed.
2.Wrap floral tape around bottom part button bouquet securing all together bonding tightly into place prior decorating vase as desired.

7.Washi Tape Picture Frame

Creating washi tape picture frames is an easy and affordable way to make mom’s favorite pictures stand out! They can be personalized in different ways depending on what your child likes best.

* Cardboard box/Thick cardboard
* Washi tapes-Various styles/color options
* Pencil / scissors / ruler
1.Cut thick cardboard so it measures approximately two inches larger than photo frame being used later.
2.Place photo inside pre-cut dimensions positioning centrally without bending edges creased backwards slightly; trace around edges afterwards cutting along lines created with sharp scissors precise angles only please!
3.Adhere unique patterns chosen beforehand starting from one corner peeling back half inch-tape strip attaching adjusting pattern seamlessly accordingly re-positioning repeating same steps until coverage complete entirety surround

8.Personalized Pillow Case

This is an ideal gift for a mom who loves to snuggle up with her kids at night. A personalized pillowcase with a sweet message and handprints from the children on it will be cherished forever.

* White cotton pillowcase
* Fabric paint (multiple colors)
* Foam brushes
1.After washing and ironing prior child’ s handprint creation, lay out un-stretched white pillowcases flat as possible one surface in preparation painting.
2.With help of tutor painter apply multi-colored fabric paints using foam brush along lower edge areas where you want print placement starting small portions working outward gradually dragging patterns upward!
3.When finished let dry completely before adding further details such as name or date signature if desired across other blank area..

9.Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowers are easy to make, colorful, and they last longer than real flowers! This craft project allows kids to create beautiful bouquets that will last long after Mother’s Day is over.

* Tissue paper (multiple colors)
* Pipe cleaners
1.Select variety tissue papers for makes from multiple shades of color including white then stack them together evenly.
2.Fold accordion style vertically while doing making sure when done folding you have same number sheets remaining still folded within stack together smoothly enclosed in center.
3.Attach pipe cleaner tightly around center point twisting so flower cup shape forms then spread each sheet upwards pulling gently toward middle shaping petals until all levels appear circular like well-formed flower blooms.

10.Button Magnets

These cute button magnets add a fun and colorful touch to any fridge or magnetic board!

* Flat buttons with shank backs
* Strong magnets
* Glue gun/sticks


1.Start by covering excess end glue stick onto one side back button parts ensuring complete coverage reach outer edges immaterial too careful smoothness impossible since some may show through looking clean..
2.Attach magnets and button by pressing together firmly from centres outward ensuring adhesion securely bonds. Leave dry completely overnight before using.

11.DIY Hand Print Keychain

A DIY handprint keychain is the perfect way to keep little ones’ hands close to your heart wherever you go!

* Air-dry clay
* Paints (multiple colors)
* Keyring chain
1.Assemble all necessary supplies, including air-dry clay in desired color/size.
2.Roll or press out clay onto flat hard surface evenly without cracks across at least one half inch in thickness then place child’s hand upon surface flattening fingers against smoothed out portion of area centered within our edges evenly squared off prone slightly upwardly rising angle if possible.
3.Let dry completely prior painting design details & sealing with protective finish coat- nail polish works well! Attach key ring strings once happy patterned look has been achieved fully complete drying time.

12.Paper Flowers

These paper flowers are easy to make, but they look so beautiful! Kids can use different colors of paper and combine them to create a lovely bouquet for mom.

* Construction paper (multiple colors)
* Scissors
* Leaves (green construction paper)
1.Select variety sturdy colored papers then cut them into specific petal shapes interested as long as have enough layers ranging medium small dimension lengthwise smoothly stacked atop each other accordingly..
2.Cut leaves shaped smaller version flowers prior attaching having an adequate amount glue placement made easier leaf center point like how lily pad attaches stem underneath blossom on water level; arrange petals creatively shaping bloom while still maintaining form adding accent shades where desired too

13.Framed Flower Vase Art

Framed flower vase art is a unique gift that combines art with functionality, allowing moms to display their bouquets beautifully.

* White cardstock
* Thin black marker
* Watercolors
* Picture frame
1.Draw vase design onto white cardstock using a thin black marker.
2.Paint the vase with watercolors in shades that complement your mom’s favorite flowers, leaving enough space to add paper flowers at the top.
3.Cut out some brightly colored small paper petals and glue them to the top of your vase. Note-Flower blossoms should overhang topside petal holders creating similar effect as real flora outside garden view..
4.Fit finished product into framing enclosure for display.

14.Love Rocks

Love rocks are an adorable way to share love that lasts forever. These hand-painted stones can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

* Smooth and flat rocks (multiple sizes)
* Paints (multiple colors)
* Paintbrushes

1.Find smooth & round stones in desired size variation for painting project ready.
2.Choose paint color scheme after washing clean dry completely once found suitable rock samples then painting base/ background layer ensure even coverage throughout well-distributed around surface area trying paint edges beige/brown hues creatively interconnecting entire stone shape sides all pieces together seamlessly stunning result!
3.Next use different brush patterns across moms favorite saying/designs, feel free get creative incorporating ombré fade techniques blending multiple colour tones choose filling remaining spaces amongst painted areas within arrangement you’ve chosen preferably drying each coat prior applying next when feasible without smudging!

15.Handprint Flower Pot

A handprint flower pot is a craft project that kids will enjoy getting their hands dirty while making something beautiful.

* Terra Cotta Flower Pots
* Acrylic paint (various colors)
1.Clean terra cotta pots being used beforehand allowing time evenly dry fully before application begins using fingers palm deep dipping selected acrylic paint hue swirled around covering outer edges nicely .
2.Help child place their hand upon side of pot position as desired leaving colorful handprint then letting dry completely without smudging fingerprints afterwards.
3.Afterwards make preferred flowers designs using remaining paint or any other decor to help spruce up pots.

16.Paper Bracelets

These lovely bracelets are easy to make and can be customized with different patterns and colors, making them the perfect gift for moms who love to accessorize.

* Construction paper (multiple colors)
* Scissors
* Tape measure/ruler
1.Trace measurement style on thick piece construction paper followed by cutting out multiple stripes of coloured papers in similar width dimension.
2.Twist each one into a spiral shape delicately until you get your ideal look achieved successfully securing outside endtape strips together forming around wrist measurements prior taping firmly sealing both ends beautifully creating stunning bracelet designs

17.Felt Flower Magnets

These felt flower magnets add a touch of whimsy to any room! They come together quickly, so kids can make several in just one sitting.

* Blank round magnet sheets
* Felt fabric pieces(multiple colors)
* Glue gun/sticks

1.Cut out circle shapes from felt fabric that match magnet sizes being used then pull off backing adhering onto plain magnets placing between sides covering entire surface area before drying well.
2.Next carefully cut petals shaped forms within contrasting color palettes attached later on top of base using glue secures areas needed bond solidly together keeping magnets flat surfaces not causing too much pressure strain which might crack fragile parts weathered over time..

18.Hand-Stitched Card

A beautiful card is an integral part of any Mother’s Day gift. A card with a handmade touch will show mom how much her child loves her even more.

* Colored Paper/Cardstock
*Crayons/Markers/Pencils/Craft Papers
* Thread & needle(Optional)

1.Choose paper card with envelope then fold in half creating desired lengthwise style.
2.With child assistance draw patterns, shapes or words onto front of blank side taken from the selected colour palette.
3.Hand stitch or embroider simple designs around drawn figures and words as desired using coloured thread.

19.Cookie Mix in a Jar

A cookie mix-in-a-jar is an excellent gift idea for moms who love to bake. Fill up a jar with all the dry ingredients needed for some delicious cookies, attach a recipe card, and you’re done!


The Perfect Gift for Bakers: Layered Cookie Mix in a Jar

If you’re looking for a unique and personal gift idea for the baking enthusiast in your life, look no further than this layered cookie mix in a jar. Not only is it thoughtful and practical, but it’s also easy to make and customize with your favorite ingredients.


  • 1 quart-sized mason jar
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 cup chocolate chips


  1. Layer all dry ingredients into the jar in the order listed.
  2. Attach the recipe card to the jar with a ribbon or string.
  3. On the recipe card, include the following instructions:

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. In a large bowl, cream together 1/2 cup butter, 1 egg, and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. Add the contents of the mason jar and stir until well combined.

Drop spoonfuls of dough onto a greased or lined baking sheet and bake for approximately ten minutes or until lightly golden brown around edges.

This delicious layered cookie mix makes for an excellent homemade gift that can be personalized with different ingredients, such as nuts or dried fruit. It’s perfect for any occasion – birthdays, Christmas holidays or just because!

In addition to being an impressive present option that will delight any home baker on your list; making this mix also provides an opportunity for kids (or adults) to get involved by measuring out ingredients layer by layer which can lead to relationship building through culinary activities.

With its convenience factor – everything needed right there inside one neat little package – anyone who loves cookies (who doesn’t!) will appreciate receiving this delightful treat!


1) What are some easy craft ideas for kids to make as Mother’s Day gifts?
Some easy and popular craft ideas include creating personalized photo frames, decorating flower pots with paint or markers, making paper flowers or handmade cards, and creating handprint or fingerprint art.

2) How can kids personalize their crafts for their mothers on Mother’s Day?
Kids can personalize their crafts by including special messages or quotes that remind them of their mothers. They could use a variety of materials such as glitter, stickers, ribbons, and buttons to make the crafts unique and special.

3) Are there any age-specific craft ideas for children?
Yes! For younger children aged 3-5 years old, simple activities like finger painting or tracing handprints can be fun and easy. Older children (6-12 years old), may enjoy more complicated projects like making homemade candles or jewelry. It’s important to choose age-appropriate activities that your child enjoys doing so they can showcase their creativity while having fun!