25 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas For Work

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your coworkers. Here are 25 inexpensive and fun gift exchange ideas that will make everyone in your workplace happy without breaking the bank.

Secret Santa Gifts

  1. Personalized Coffee Mug: A customized mug with a coworker’s name or favorite quote is a perfect gift for coffee lovers.
  2. Desk Plant: Bring some greenery to the office by gifting succulents or small potted plants.
  3. Phone Stand: A practical phone stand can keep coworkers’ desks organized while they work.
  4. Headphone Case: Help prevent tangles and damage with a handy case for their headphones.
  5. Hand Sanitizer Holder: With flu season around the corner, this gift idea promotes cleanliness and hygiene.

White Elephant Gifts

  1. Gourmet Popcorn Tin: A tasty popcorn tin is always appreciated during snack time at work.
  2. Funny Office Socks: Make them laugh with socks featuring funny sayings like “I’m not bossy, I have leadership skills” or “This meeting is bs”.
  3. Magnetic Decision Maker: This desk toy lets fate decide on tough decisions such as where to eat lunch or who has to take notes in meetings.
  4. Personalized Keychain Bottle Opener: Gift your colleagues with an easy way to pop open cold drinks after work hours.

Yankee Swap Gifts

  1. Silicone Lid Covers Set : These reusable stretchable food covers come in six different sizes that fit most of containers – perfect for eco-conscious peers avoiding single-use plastics!
    11.Mini Waffle Maker : Who doesn’t love waffles? This mini waffle maker is compact enough to use right at your desk – you’ll be making fluffy breakfast treats all winter long!
    12.Deck of Cards Waterproof Poker Playing Cards Plastic Playing Card Novelty/Party/Family Games : Perfect for entertaining those stressful days at work or after hours.
    13.Planner Stickers Set: If your coworker is a planner addict, they’ll love these themed stickers to add some fun and flair to their daily task list.

Stocking Stuffers Gifts

  1. Reusable Straws with Case: These straws help reduce waste and come in a convenient case that easily fits in any purse or bag.
  2. Small Notebook: A pocket-sized notebook can be used for jotting down ideas or taking meeting notes.
  3. Flavored Lip Balm Set: Give the gift of soft lips with tasty flavors like peppermint, strawberry, or vanilla.
    17.Toothbrush Holder Sanitizer – Squeeze Toothpaste Dispenser:This item could organize your toothbrush neatly
    18.Colorful Sticky Notes Pad Keep your life organized with this colorful notepad set featuring different sized sticky notes.

Homemade Gift Ideas

19.DIY Candle Kit :When you make it yourself, there’s more than just wax melting! The candle-making kit makes DIY-ing candles easy and approachable even if you’re a beginner – who wouldn’t love getting extra-light scented relaxation herbs at work?
20.Personalized Calendar :A photo-printed calendar showcasing your favorite moments together goes straight to the hearts of coworkers as it offers special memories together
21.Hot Cocoa Snowman Jars: Fill clear jars 2/3 full with hot cocoa mix then add mini marshmallows on top before adding another layer of cocoa mix – decorate jar like snowman head complete with a hat!
22.Handmade Coasters:A set of handmade coasters would be an excellent addition that could rival store-bought ones- customize glue colors per someone’s desk color palette as well!
23.Bath Salts Gift Jar:A perfect relaxation gift idea includes Epsom salt (relieves joint pain), sea salt (detoxifies), baking soda (anti-inflammatory), and your preferred essential oil.
24.Scratch-Off Card:This is a fun, interactive way for coworkers to celebrate the holiday season. Create cards with scratch-off areas that reveal personalized messages or rewards.
25.Candy Cane Body Scrub: Made of sugar, coconut oil and candy canes – this DIY gift idea is not only festive but also indulgent. Bonus it comes in a jar ready for gifting!


The holidays don’t have to be stressful when it comes to finding inexpensive gifts that will show colleagues appreciation. These 25 ideas offer something for everyone while keeping wallets happy. Remember – no matter the size of the gift so long as you give from the heart, It’s not how much you give that counts; it’s the thought behind each gesture”

15 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers

Are you looking for creative and affordable gifts to give to your colleagues without breaking the bank? Look no further! We’ve rounded up 15 great gift ideas that won’t break the budget but are sure to make your coworkers feel appreciated.

1. Desk Plants

Plants not only brighten up a workspace but also improve air quality. A small succulent or cactus is easy to care for, cheerful, and can be bought at any local nursery or online store.

2. Coffee Mug Warmer

For coffee or tea lovers, consider gifting them with a mug warmer so they can keep their drinks hot throughout the workday.

3. Sticky Notes Holder

A quirky holder for sticky notes can add some personality and humor to any desk space.

4. Customized Pen Set

Everyone needs pens in the office! Give your coworkers personalized colorful pens with their names inscribed on them.

5. Stress Ball

The workplace can get stressful sometimes; try giving stress balls as a way to relieve tension during those long meetings

6.Tea Infuser Bottle

For tea fans who like variety flavors of tea when working,a high-quality glass bottle which has an infuser built-in will be useful set come in handy day after day.

7.Planner Clips

These unique planner clips are perfect if your colleague loves organization yet wants something different from traditional paperclips.They could use them as bookmarks,paperholders and even photo holders!

8.Healthy Snacks Basket

Fill a basket with healthy snacks such honey roasted nuts,dried fruits,baked chips . It’s nutritious gift option that will keep fellow employees fueled throughout long workdays.

9.Custom Printed Notepads

Personalize note pads using photographs of office building,address and phone number.Also include name of company ,colleague’s name ,for official use.

10.Portable Phone Charger

Help colleagues stay powered up and connected throughout the workday with this portable phone charger, making sure they have a reliable backup for their devices when on-the-go.

11.Coffee Variety Pack

Give your colleague the gift of early morning energy by giving them a bunch of different coffee options to choose from that will ensure they find something that suits their taste.

12.Personalized Mouse Pad

A personalized mouse pad with an inscribed message or photo is a great way to add some meaning and humor to office desktops.

13.Motivational Daily Calendar

These daily calendars provide positive messages, motivational quotes and inspirational photos for every day. It’s a perfect way to start off those mornings in high spirits.

14.Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Long hours staring at computer screens can be straining on our eyes; try gifting blue light blocking glasses help prevent eye fatigue,optical strain and headaches caused by screen time exposure.

15.Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Staying hydrated throughout the workday will keep your coworkers feeling rejuvenated; give them eco-friendly insulated drink bottles that can keep water cool all day long.


In conclusion, there are plenty of inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts available online or in-store that make excellent coworker presents. By keeping in mind the interests of your coworkers it’s easy select unique gift items tailored specifically towards them which are also budget-friendly. What’s your favorite inexpensive gift idea? Let us know in the comments below!


Q1. What is a good price range for an inexpensive Christmas gift exchange at work?
A: A budget of around $10-$20 per person is ideal for an inexpensive Christmas gift exchange at work.

Q2. What are some unique and affordable gifts that can be exchanged at the office holiday party?
A: Some popular ideas include personalized coffee mugs, festive wine stoppers, cozy socks or slippers, desk accessories, movie tickets, stationery sets, and board games.

Q3. How can I make the gift exchange more fun and interactive for my co-workers?
A: You could organize a white elephant game where participants take turns stealing each other’s gifts or play a Secret Santa game where everyone draws names anonymously. You could also encourage participants to write anonymous compliments or well-wishes to accompany their gifts. Alternatively, you could organize a DIY gift-making contest to encourage creativity and showcase everyone’s talents!