50 Best Christmas Gifts for Co-Workers

Are you struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for your colleagues? Fear not, because we’ve compiled a list of 50 best Christmas gifts that are sure to impress and delight any co-worker. Whether you’re looking for office decor or something fun and functional, we’ve got you covered.

Unique Office Decor

  1. A personalized desk nameplate
  2. A desktop Zen garden
  3. A unique pen holder
  4. Customized coffee mug with their name
  5. Eclectic wall art pieces

Tech Gadgets

  1. Wireless earbuds
  2. Power bank charger
  3. Personal assistant like Google Home Mini / Alexa Dot
  4. Virtual Reality Headset – an immersive experience awaits!
    10.A phone sanitizer box

Fun and Games

11.Desktop arcade games
12.Fidget toys – Helps in focussing during work hours
13.DIY Craft Kit
14.Board games
15.Vintage-style card coasters

Food and Drink Goodies

16.Christmas Hamper filled with cookies, chocolates & wine bottles etc.
17.Personalise Whiskey Glass Set
18.Coffee sampler pack from around the world
19.Wine bottle opener kit
20.Fruit infused water bottle

Self-care Kits

21.Scented candles set & diffuser
22.Essential oils & bath bombs set
23.Yoga mat
24.Face Mask Sheets
25.Kitchen herb-growing kit

Soothing Sounds Playlist

26.White Noise Machine
27.Bose headphones
28.Nature sounds Bluetooth speaker
29.Music Subscription Gift Card (ex:Spotify)
30.A portable Karaoke machine

Desk Organizers

31.Keyboard Wrist Support Pads
32.Colorful Cable Clips
33.Desk Drawer Organizer Tray
34.File Folder Organizer Cabinet
35.Inspirational Desk Calendar

Travel Love

36.Hanging canvas travel organizer
37.Passport holder and luggage tag set
38.Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner
39.Car Mounted Air Purifier
40.Wireless Charger with Organizer

Personalized Ornaments

41.Keepsake Memory Baubles
42.Personalised Christmas Stocking
43.Family Name Embroidered Cushion Cover
44.Photo frames
45.Customized Photo Collage

Indoor Greenery

46.Green Plant Terrarium
47.Home Plants Subscription
48.Ceramic Vase with artificial plants
49.DIY Mini Garden Kit
50.Organic Seeds Starter Pack

Keep in mind that the suggestions mentioned above are only starting points for finding gifts that can be customized according to each individual’s preferences and budget.

By using these gift ideas, you can show appreciation to your colleagues while also spreading festive cheer around the office. Be creative, have fun selecting gifts – after all it’s a season of giving!


Q: What kind of gifts are appropriate for co-workers?
A: When selecting a gift for a co-worker, it’s best to keep the gift professional and respectful. Consider items that are functional, such as desk accessories or office supplies, or something sweet, like chocolates or gourmet coffee.

Q: How do you choose a Christmas gift for someone you don’t know very well?
A: If you’re not familiar with your co-worker’s personal preferences, it might be best to opt for something more generic that anyone would appreciate. Gift cards to popular stores or restaurants are always well-received, as are cozy blankets or warm winter gloves.

Q: Can I give my boss a Christmas gift?
A: Yes! If you feel comfortable giving your boss a Christmas present, just make sure that the gesture is respectful and professional in nature. Opt for something practical, like an agenda planner or business card holder adorned with their name on it; alternatively consider buying them tickets to see the latest movie premiere if they enjoy film!