50+ Best Money Gifts for Christmas: Creative Ways to Give Cash

Are you looking for a creative way to give a monetary gift this holiday season? Don’t settle for giving cash in an envelope – there are plenty of unique and engaging ways to present money gifts that will make them feel extra special. We’ve curated a list of the best money gifts for Christmas, ranging from simple yet elegant ideas to more elaborate and personalized options.

Simple Yet Elegant Ideas

These gift ideas are easy to execute but still convey thoughtfulness and care:

1. Folding Money Origami

Create intricate folds with your cash bills following DIY paper crafts tutorial websites like Wikihow, print detailed instructions on how-to origami different shapes such as flowers or animals, then insert inside greeting cards or display in glass jars.

2. Hidden Cash Surprise Ball Ornament

Wrap small denominations around tiny objects and keep wrapping until it forms into a ball, add ornaments or hang tag messages before gifting—Perfect as stocking stuffers!

3. Candy Bar Letters with Some Cash Attached

Spell out words using candy bars and have some folded money cheeks hidden in between sweets’ packaging tapes.

4. Classic Gift Card Attachment

For those who would prefer the purchase flexibility that preloaded debit-loaded card may offer rather than actual crisp currency bills.

Personalized & Unique Ideas

For people who want their monetary gifts elevated up much further beyond just plain notes enclosed within cards- customizing by interests, hobbies and styles makes all the difference; these unique monetized presents fit exactly that bill:

5. Wine Bottle Cover-Up Sleeve With Rolled-up Cash Inside

Bottle covers suitable for wine bottles can be bought online from Amazon via prime delivery services; simply wrap dollar bills around pieces of straw cuttings rolled into similar diameters as the bottle necks before slipping over sleeves made up of fabric cloth offcuts stitched together.

6. Money Filled Balloons

Blow up colorful balloons and fill them with cash notes before sealing off the hole using glue dots. Inflated money makes one fun-filled way to liven up dull gift exchanges!

7. Mystery Picture Puzzle Box Surprise

Send a personalized mystery picture puzzle box surprise featuring hidden secret words filled with dollar amounts per section on top of other secondary gifts such as concert tickets or movie vouchers.

Memorable & Elaborate Ideas

For those who can go beyond easy-to-do ideas, these presents are worth every extra bit of effort:

8. Cash-Filled Snow Globe

Create homemade snow globes filled with sparkling glitter dust using baby oil and glycerin solution mixtures bought from stores around you; insert rolled-up bills inside attached to decorative mini trees, cute figurines or tiny Christmas baubles!

9. Monopoly Money With Real Cash Attached + Customized Game Board

Insert real currency in envelopes used for life-size game boards marked with matching properties featured in Monopoly board games.

These are just some ideas that bring more dynamic purposes out of something as simple as cash giveaways- so start giving your thoughts free rein to create an avalanche of memorable experiences by gifting our best “Money-giving” ideas this festive season!


When it comes to giving monetary gifts for Christmas, there’s no shortage of creative ways to present them that will make them feel special and memorable – whether you opt for simple yet elegant ideas like folding money origami or customized options like creating personalized mystery picture puzzle boxes.

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Creative Gift Ideas for Different Occasions and Recipients

Looking for the perfect gift can be a challenging task, especially if you want to find something unique and unexpected. Fortunately, there are plenty of great ideas out there that can help you make a lasting impression on your loved ones.

At BestInvesters, we scour the globe to find high-quality, unique, and uncommon products that make great gifts for every occasion and relationship in your life. Our editors have hand-picked some amazing gift ideas to ensure an awesome mix of options for you to choose from.

Personalized Gifts:

  • Customizable jewelry with initials or birthstones
  • Personalized photo album or photo book
  • Monogrammed leather goods
  • Engraved pens or watches

Gifts For Her:

  • Spa day package
  • Subscription box services (e.g., makeup sample boxes)
  • Trendy bags/purses/wallets/totes
  • Stylish headphones/earbuds

Gifts For Him:

  • Smartwatch fitness tracker/sport watch
  • Wireless charging pad
  • Portable power bank charger
  • Beard grooming kit

Unique Corporate/Office Gifts:

  • Desktop plants/cacti
  • Branded business card holder
  • Personalized pen set
  • Tea/coffee sampler basket

Whether it’s Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day , birthdays or any other special occasions, these creative gift ideas will help show your love and appreciation in style.

Our team at BestInvesters believes that the best gifts reflect thoughtful consideration of the recipient’s personality and interests. So go ahead! Surprise them with something unexpected!

Remember: While choosing a gift is important, don’t forget about presentation. Try wrapping up your presents with beautiful papers/bows/cards which add an extra personal touch!

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Q: Is giving money as a gift considered tacky?
A: No, giving money as a gift is actually becoming more and more popular because it allows the recipient to choose exactly what they want or need. As long as it’s given in a thoughtful way, such as with one of the creative ideas listed in this article, it can be a great and appreciated gift.

Q: How much money should I give as a Christmas gift?
A: This really depends on your relationship with the recipient and your own personal budget. A good rule of thumb is to consider how much you would normally spend on a traditional physical gift for that person and base the amount of cash accordingly. You could also consider factors such as their age, financial situation, and interests when deciding on an appropriate amount.

Q: Can I make my own DIY money gifts instead of buying them?
A: Absolutely! In fact, many of the ideas listed in this article are DIY projects that you can easily create yourself using materials from around your home or local craft store. Making your own personalized money gifts can add an extra level of sentimentality to your present while also saving you some money in the process.