As the holiday season approaches, we often find ourselves wondering what to gift our coworkers. Finding a unique yet affordable gift can be challenging, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! From fun desk accessories to tasty treats, here are 50 unique Christmas gifts for your coworkers under $50:

Fun Desk Accessories

  1. Desktop Punching Bag: Help relieve any work-related stress with a mini punching bag that attaches right to their desk.

  2. Decision Maker Paperweight: This paperweight doubles as a decision-making tool – use it to decide whether or not to take that coffee break.

  3. Succulent Planter Pots: These cute and trendy planters will add some greenery and personality to any coworker’s workspace.

  4. Miniature Zen Garden Kit: A small desktop garden kit is perfect for those moments when your coworker needs a moment of peace and relaxation.

  5. Adjustable Laptop Stand: An adjustable laptop stand helps alleviate neck strain and improve posture while working long hours at the office.

  6. USB Cup Warmer: Keep drinks warm during long meetings or overtime shifts with this convenient cup warmer that plugs into a computer’s USB port.

Tasty Treats

  1. Assorted Tea Gift Box Set: Give their taste buds a treat with an assortment of different teas from around the world packaged in one gift box set.

  2. Popcorn Seasonings Sampler Pack: Jazz up popcorn by using various seasonings such as white cheddar, ranch, or gourmet salted caramel – all included in this sampler pack!

  3. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels Tin Gift Set:Everyone loves chocolate-covered pretzels! This tin set makes it easy to share among coworkers while still being an indulgent treat before heading home after work..

10.Hot Sauce Gift Box Set :Spice up the office with a hot sauce gift box set – different levels of heat are available for all taste buds.

Office Essentials

  1. Personalized Leather Journal: A leather-bound journal is an elegant and practical gift that can be personalized with your coworker’s name or initials to make it extra special.

  2. Coffee Mug Warmer: Ensure that their coffee stays warm during long meetings or work sessions with this convenient mug warmer.

  3. Large Desk Calendar: For those who like to stay organized, a large desk calendar provides ample space for notes and appointments throughout the year.

  4. Retractable Badge Holder: A retractable badge holder is not only practical but also customizable – choose from fun designs that showcase personality while still being appropriate in professional settings.

  5. Noise-Cancelling Headphones :For coworkers working in open-office environments or shared spaces, these headphones help block out background noise and distractions allowing for better concentration on work related tasks..

Self-Care Gifts

16.Plush Slippers:A warm pair of plush slippers can make any hard day at work much more comfortable once they’re back home!

17.Face Mask Gift Set:Face masks provide an opportunity to relax after a long day at work while also helping improve their complexion and well-being- making them perfect self-care gifts!

18.Hand Cream Gift Box Set :With cold weather comes dry skin – this hand cream set is sure to provide nourishment and relief during those particular times of year when hands tend to crack easier than ever before!

19.Relaxing Sound Machine : Sometimes all you need when stressed out from work stressors are relaxing sounds like waves crashing against rocks, gentle rain pattering outside the window panes…or even white noise intended specifically for concentration purposes!

20.Mini Essential Oil Diffuser :Essential oils have wonderful properties beneficial for mental health as well as physical benefits too by using them through either inhalation aromatherapy or even topical applications.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

21.Bamboo Cutting Board Gift Set:Bamboo cutting boards are not only environmentally friendly but also long-lasting and easy on knives – this gift set includes everything needed to get started.

22.Reusable Lunch Containers :There is no need for plastic bags or disposable containers when you give coworkers these reusable lunch containers which can be used over again for years!

23.Plastic-Free Coffee Maker: For those who love coffee, switch to a sustainable coffee maker that uses plant-based materials instead of plastic as the main component.

24.Herb Garden Starter Kit :Growing herbs is an eco-friendly hobby that can provide fresh ingredients for cooking while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions from commercial agriculture operations!

25.Collapsible Reusable Straws: Reduce plastic waste with collapsible straws that easily fit in a pocket or purse and come with a cleaning kit.

Tech Gadgets

26.Portable Wireless Charger : No more tangled cords with this portable wireless charger perfect use at home and work environments.

27.Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: A waterproof Bluetooth speaker allows your coworker to listen to music without worrying about getting it wet when showering outdoors, making it perfect for outdoor adventures such as camping trips, backpacking excursions or hiking weekends away from home.

28.Tablet Stand Holder :Provide comfortability while using tablets during long hours by gifting them tablet stand holders designed just right!.

29.Key Finder Device :Key finders make one’s life easier especially under stressful search conditions- like trying to locate misplaced keys inside cluttered bags!

30.PopSocket Smartphone Accessory :A PopSocket provides better grip and support while using smartphones which may help prevent accidental drops. It’s perfect for watching videos hands-free too!

DIY Kits

31.Seed Bomb Kit:Seed bomb kits are fun DIY projects-mix seed blends into clay balls launch around town wherever they wish seeing flowers grow from them, making it both an entertaining and environmentally-friendly gift option for cool coworkers.

32.Knitting Starter Kit: A knitting starter kit is perfect for coworkers who love to create new things or are looking to try their hand at a new hobby.

33.Candle-Making Kit: By creating candles with this DIY candle-making kit not only does it provide enjoyment but also can be used as appropriate gifts that they will have made themselves!

34.Mini Zen Garden Kit :Setting up mini zen gardens helps de-stress after long days of work while improving overall well-being due to the therapeutic nature in these decorative projects which incorporate natural elements like sand rakes, rocks, and even miniature Buddha statues!

35.Paint-by-Number Set :Letting out some creative energy could help improve mental health and happiness by using paint-by-number kits that come with everything needed including brushes,paints,and canvases.


36.Don’t Get Mad Board Game:Board games bring people together! Don’t Get Mad is a fun game for everyone involving quick thinking skills so all can enjoy coming together during lunch breaks or after hours when wanting something else than mere gossiping by your co-workers about office politics!.

37.Football Dartboard Target Game :This desk top football dart board set provides endless entertainment while taking mandatory 5-minute breaks from work-related stuff..

38.Desk-Top Mini Golf Set :Playing indoor golf on any desktop project puts more fun into seemingly boring work environments – now watch as putting surfaces turn into mini golf courses right before our very eyes…

39.Personalized Puzzle Gift :Personalized puzzles make great gifts because they allow you to customize the image being represented – whether choosing a picture of your face or your cat’s mugshots.

40.Unstable Unicorns Card Game: Who doesn’t love unicorns? This card game is both funny and exciting, making it perfect for those awkward lulls in conversation or just general downtime.


41.Scratch-Off World Map :A scratch-off world map is perfect for those that love traveling – they can easily track their journeys and plan new adventures based on where they’ve been so far!

42.Personalized Desk Name Plate: A personalized desk name plate will add some personality to any coworker’s workspace while also providing the opportunity to showcase their professional identity right in front of them.

43.Electric Wine Opener Gift Set: For wine lovers out there, this gift set includes an electric wine opener along with other accessories like a foil cutter and vacuum stopper to keep bottles fresh longer – all under $50.00!

44.Aromatherapy Essential Oil Shower Steamer Sets :These aromatherapy essential oil shower steamers are made from natural ingredients perfect making personal spa experiences during stressful days.

45.Color-Changing LED Light Bulb:With these color changing light bulbs workspaces become more dynamic by simply adjusting settings based upon your mood or environment- brighter colors at day time vs dimmer ones later evening hours.

46.Clothing Subscription Box Service :Give a gift that keeps giving throughout the year by subscribing coworkers into clothing subscription boxes tailored specially according to preferences each month!

47.Wooden Alphabet Bookends:Perfect gift for book nerds who want to organize their shelves beautifully and efficiently without worrying about toppling stacks of books off balance!.

48.Cosmetic Organizer Travel Case :No more having disorganized cosmetic items floating around inside bags while going up & down aisles of planes or trains onto different destinations, with organizer travel cases plus saves space too.

49.Leak Proof Silicone Water Bottle :For outdoor enthusiasts or gym-goers, this leak-proof silicone water bottle is both practical and eco-friendly as it reduces plastic waste over time by being reusable..

50.LifeStraw Personal Water Filter :This straw-like filtration device makes filtering stream or lake water easy and quick for those that enjoy outdoor adventures– works great on hikes, camping trips or simply just taking long walks in scenic locations.

There you have it – 50 unique Christmas gift ideas for your coworkers under $50! From fun desk accessories to tasty treats, self-care gifts to tech gadgets, DIY kits to games, there are plenty of options to choose from depending on the recipient’s interests and preferences.

When selecting a gift be sure to consider the environmental impact of your choice as well as the personal likes of each person receiving them. Not only that but also make sure that whatever item included isn’t too expensive either- because nobody wants their co-workers feeling cheated around such a joyous season like Christmas.

Remember – it’s not about getting the most expensive or flashy thing; often times things with good meaning behind them will provide everlasting memories treasured more deeply by all who end up owning them over time…

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Q: What kind of unique gifts can I get my coworkers that won’t break the bank?
A: There are plenty of affordable yet memorable gift options out there! Some ideas from our list include personalized coffee mugs or water bottles, funny office-themed socks, desktop zen gardens or mini-fridges, and small succulent plants.

Q: How do I choose a Christmas gift that’s appropriate for all kinds of coworkers?
A: When selecting a coworker gift, it’s important to consider everyone’s tastes and interests – as well as any company policies regarding gifts. Look for items that are practical, fun but not too personal. Some universal options could be gourmet snacks or candies such as chocolate truffles or nuts; festive tea towels; desk games like Fidget Spinners.

Q: Do you have any suggestions on how to make a simple holiday gift more special?
A: Yes! You can always add little touches to your present to make it feel extra thoughtful and customized – wrap them in recycled paper instead of store-bought bags; Attach a hand-written note or poem letting them know how much you enjoyed working with them throughout the year; personalize engraved messages on jewelry items looking like keychains, bookmarks etc.; Or pair smaller individual presents together (such as fancy pens) and wrap them up collectively in one large box to give the impression of extravagance while keeping costs down.