50 Ways to Make Your Special Someone’s Day

There’s no better feeling than making someone you care about feel special. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, there are many ways to brighten your special someone’s day. Here are 50 ideas to choose from:

Romantic gestures

  1. Write a love note and hide it in their bag or pocket.
  2. Cook their favorite meal for them.
  3. Plan a surprise picnic in the park.
  4. Create a personalized playlist of songs that remind you of them.
  5. Book a couples’ massage.

Thoughtful gifts

  1. Give them a piece of jewelry with their initials engraved on it.
  2. Buy tickets to see their favorite band/artists perform live.
  3. Purchase an experience gift like cooking classes or skydiving lessons.
  4. Gift them a subscription box service tailored to their interests (like BestInvesters!).
    10.Give them an adorable stuffed animal as a reminder of your love.

Acts of kindness

11.Send lunch delivery at work without telling ahead- plan the meal based on what they usually enjoy
12.Offer to do the household chores for the day so they can have some downtime
13.Create happy memories by planning surprise outing – look out discounted offers online
14.Plan an adventure together like hiking or kayaking
15.Volunteer together at local charity events

Quality time

16.Turn off all electronics and spend an evening sharing stories over candlelight dinner
17.Watch Netflix&Chill snacks or cuddle up watching each other’s favourite movies
18.Take dance classes together – Salsa dance could be one option if both ready for music passion
19.Go out camping under starry-night skies where there’s no cellphone connection where you both cut off from everywhere else
20.Have game night planned , turn into good ol’ college memories with beer and shots

Random acts of affection

  1. Surprise them with a bouquet of their favorite flowers.
    22.Tell them something you appreciate about them every day.
    23.Leave random love notes in different places around the house for them to find
    24.Wake up early before work – prepare breakfast in bed
    25.Tuck or press a kiss on their forehead whenever approaching to leave somewhere

Adventurous dates

26.Take a spontaneous weekend trip- plan under budgeted travel destination, if agreed upon by both
27.Try out an exotic cuisine at new restaurant opening nearby
28.Buy tickets to see a sports event – Who’s ready for some football /basketball match?
29.Experience Wine Tasting together – learn more about your wine taste buds
30.Go horseback riding where you can enjoy nature scenery as breathing space

Surprising moments

31.Prepare surprise one-day trip – have everything planned ahead including meals/activities
32.Show up unannounced to join their weekend plans & take over everything they had planned out
33.Send video message teasing that it’s going to be the best date ever – just wait till they show up
34.Plan Scavenger Hunt leading towards memorable surprises – like ending at place where memories were made
35.Hire professional chef and create special dinner evening right at home

Relaxed nights in

36.Popcorn, blankets, pajamas & DVDs picked by each other
37.Pick your favourite books , share how they make feel everytime read them
38.Create bubble bath setup with candles all around room
39.Play board games reminiscing childhood memories
40.Cleanse out all electronics , pick favourite records (vinyl) & relax with bottle of wine

Spontaneous fun ideas

41.Painting classes happening near buy– feels good when hands gets dirty
42.Give him/her massage with calming music playing in the background
43.Try out dramatic pick-up lines while driving round town
44.Kick start day by watering plants together and seeing them grow beautifully
45.Crazy photo shoot with clothes from high-school wardrobe

Surprise Party

  1. Plan surprise party right at your home – give special invites to someone they never thought could attend
    47.Little surprise gathering is never a bad idea, even if it was not their birthday
    48.Arrange dinner party for your partner’s friends whom you haven’t met yet
    49.Get creative with decor and theme of party according to their interests
    50.Have group game night set up beforehand which everyone would enjoy equally.

There are endless ways to make your special someone’s day memorable and enjoyable. Choose one (or more!) of these ideas to show them how much you care!


1) Q: What are some simple and inexpensive ways to make my special someone’s day?
A: You can surprise them with their favorite snack or drink, leave a love note in their bag or on their car dashboard, plan a thoughtful gesture such as cleaning the apartment for them, or simply give them a compliment.

2) Q: How can I make my partner feel valued and loved throughout the day?
A: Show interest in their hobbies and work life by asking questions about it, offer to help them with tasks they may be struggling with, plan an activity that you both enjoy together, or simply tell them how much they mean to you.

3) Q: Can I make my special someone’s day even if we’re apart?
A: Yes! Send them a care package filled with snacks and items that remind you of your time together. Video call each other during lunch breaks or after work hours. Write each other letters expressing your feelings for one another.