5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him and Her

The fifth wedding anniversary, also known as the “wooden anniversary,” is a special milestone that celebrates five years of love, commitment, and partnership. If you’re looking for gift ideas to mark this occasion, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore some unique and thoughtful 5th-anniversary gift ideas for him and her.

Why Is the 5th Anniversary Called the Wooden Anniversary?

Traditionally, each wedding anniversary is associated with a specific material or symbol that represents the particular milestone. The fifth anniversary is known as the wooden anniversary because wood symbolizes strength and durability- qualities that are essential in any successful marriage.

Gift Ideas for Her

Here are some creative gift ideas that will show your wife how much she means to you on your fifth wedding anniversary:

Wooden Jewelry:

A piece of jewelry made from wood can be a perfect option for this occasion. Consider buying an elegant pair of wooden earrings or necklace.

Personalized Wooden Picture Frame:

Another great idea is to give her a personalized wooden picture frame with pictures from your first five years together.

Aromatic Wood Candle:

She might appreciate having some scented candles around during relaxing evenings at home (maybe even while using said picture frame). Choose one with notes of sandalwood or cedarwood – both fit perfectly within theme!

Rustic Charm Bracelet:

A bracelet fashioned out of multiple types of naturally sourced woods – often combined into intricate patterns – would make an excellent addition to any jewellery collection.

Gift Ideas for Him

If you’re wondering what kind of gifts would suit your husband best on your fifth wedding anniversary, here are some great options to consider:

Personalized Crystal Glass Set

Giving him a customized crystal whiskey glass set with matching carafe could be just what he needs after long day at work! Bonus if it’s personalized with significant dates or initials.

Wooden Watch:

A good quality wristwatch made from wood – same significance as wooden jewellery for her – could make for a sophisticated and unique gift.

Personalized Cutting Board:

If your partner enjoys cooking, a personalized cutting board is perfect to impress that cookery prowess onto their chopping block!

Wooden Beer Caddy:

Does he love beer? Get him an awesome wooden beer caddy with bottle opener on the side. It’s durable enough to hold lots of beers and looks great in any home bar.


Hopefully, these gift ideas have given you some inspiration for celebrating your fifth wedding anniversary in style. Remember, this milestone is about celebrating five years of commitment and growth, so take the opportunity to express your love with gifts that are thoughtful and meaningful.

Remember when choosing gifts:

  • Consider personalizing them.
  • Keep it simple but thoughtful
  • Think outside the box!

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wooden Anniversary Gift

Are you looking for a unique and meaningful gift to celebrate your fifth wedding anniversary? Look no further than traditional wooden gifts! As you’ve probably heard, wood is the classic material associated with this milestone. But with so many options out there, it can be challenging to find something that truly embodies your love and reflects your partner’s taste.

Fortunately, we’re here to help! We’ve scoured the web to bring you some of the best wooden anniversary gift ideas available. Whether your spouse appreciates rustic charm or modern elegance, there’s something on this list for everyone.

Why Choose Wooden Gifts?

Before diving into our top picks, let’s explore why wooden gifts are such an excellent choice when celebrating five years of marriage:

  • Durability: Unlike items made from fragile materials like paper or glass, wooden gifts are built to last. They will not only stand up well over time but also become more beautiful as they age.
  • Versatility: There are hundreds of creative ways people incorporate wood into daily life – from cutting boards and coasters to jewelry boxes and wall art – meaning one of its kindeness is within reach.
  • Symbolism: Wood represents strength and stability which makes it an ideal way of depicting 5 years’ worth of partnership. It is a basic building block used throughout human history in homes & furniture making it a symbolic reminder that home signifies companionship & growth together that withstands time.

Top Picks for Wooden Gifts

1. Customized Cutting Board

If your spouse loves cooking or regularly entertains guests at home, consider giving them a personalized cutting board. You can have their name or initials engraved on a beautiful hardwood board in various shapes and sizes.

2. Rustic Wall Art

Add some warmth and coziness by filling boring walls with nature because according Home decor experts Highwall suggests “Your wall is a canvass and nature has so much to offer”. Wood Wall Art are different shapes of tree pieces arranged in an elegant way, or intricately carved wood-sculptures. These stunning and one-of-a-kind accents will bring a touch of nature inside.

3. Wooden Watch

Upgrade your spouse’s timepiece with the elegance of a wooden watch. Handcrafted from sustainable wood (like bamboo & ebony) or reclaimed timber, these watches embrace natural beauty and give off laid-back vibes on casual or formal occasions.

4. Personalized Cigar Humidor

For cigar lovers, nothing beats having their own humidor! Gift them with personalized freestanding humidor made from beautiful cherry wood lined with Spanish cedar interior to preserve cigars at optimal humidity.

5. Handmade Jewelry Box

Compliment her today’s outfits’ accessories by giving the ultimate handmade jewelry box crafted from alderwood paired with lace lining your choice of colors that complements day-to-day wear making it easy to find any accessory needed for work or leisure outing.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wooden Anniversary Gift

  • Consider Your Partner’s Tastes: Observe what they appreciate most when spending quality time together like hobbies & areas around home could be tell-tale signs.
  • Personalize it: Add touches that are exclusive to you as couple like customized engraving initials/names/date etc., adding precious stones that represent the month you got married etc makes gift more special.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Invest in high-quality gifts built to last while also supporting artisans who make them from carefully chosen materials


With this guide, we hope we’ve given you inspiration for finding an anniversary gift made out of wood – thoughtful yet unique enough to perfectly embody how much you cherish this milestone moment in your lives together – may if be modern design or rustic warmth there is something wooden waiting eagerly to be part of your special moment.

Happy shopping!


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What is the traditional gift for a 5th wedding anniversary?
The traditional gift for a 5th wedding anniversary is wood.

What are some unique wood gift ideas for him or her on your 5th wedding anniversary?
Some unique wood gift ideas include personalized wooden wall art, engraved wooden watch or jewelry box, handmade wooden cutting board, and custom-made wooden phone or tablet stand.

Is it important to stick to the traditional wood theme when selecting a 5th wedding anniversary gift?
While sticking to the traditional theme can be meaningful and symbolic, it is not necessary to do so. You can also choose something that aligns with your partner’s interests or hobbies, such as concert tickets for his favorite band or cooking classes for her if she enjoys spending time in the kitchen. Ultimately, what matters most is choosing a thoughtful and heartfelt gift that celebrates your love and commitment to each other after five years of marriage.