Are you looking for unique quarantine gifts to send to your friends while social distancing? Look no further than BestInvesters! We’ve curated a list of over 60 gifts that are perfect for keeping friends connected even during these difficult times. From virtual game nights to personalized care packages, here are the best quarantine gift ideas:

Personalized Gifts

  • Customized canvas art with a special message or inside joke
  • Personalized photo blanket featuring pictures of special memories
  • Monogrammed face masks for staying safe in style
  • DIY friendship bracelet making kit to encourage crafting together virtually
  • Handwritten note cards with uplifting messages and kind sentiments

Virtual Experiences

  • Remote wine tastings with sommeliers from around the world
  • Online cooking classes led by renowned chefs
  • Virtual escape rooms for an interactive adventure through screens
  • Group fitness sessions led by top-notch trainers
  • A Netflix Party extension where viewing can be watched together.

Self Care Gift Sets

  • Aromatherapy diffusers and essential oils
  • Skin care sets designed specifically for pampering at home
  • At-home spa kits complete with facial steamer, foot scrub and mask
  • Cozy loungewear pieces such as custom pajamas or slippers
  • Adult coloring books to help destress and unwind.

Snack Boxes & Care Packages

  • Monthly snack boxes showcasing treats from all around the world
  • Gourmet popcorn tins complete with classic flavors (and some new ones!)
  • Coffee subscription services featuring beans from exotic locations
  • Monthly book club sets that deliver handpicked reads straight to doorsteps
    ## Outdoor Activities

With warmer weather here, it’s time to enjoy outside within social distances!
So if you want some outdoor activities we recommend :
### Hiking Toolkits

It includes everything needed on a hike. 
   - Bug repellent      
    - A hiking map   
     - Sunscreen​, and more.

### Gardening Set
 Perfect for outdoor activities as it helps connect you with nature- 
  some items in the set include:
      - Gloves   
       - Pruner Shears  
        - Trowel 
         - Watering Can

These quarantine gifts will not only bring a smile to your friends’ faces but also help them stay connected while staying safe at home. Plus, by using our curated list from BestInvesters, you can trust that each gift is high-quality and unique – perfect for any occasion! Remember to keep Google SEO guidelines in mind when creating content so that it’s optimized for search engines but still provides value to readers.

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Q: What kind of gifts should I buy for my friends who love cooking?

A: If your friends love cooking, you may want to consider buying them a cookbook featuring new and exciting recipes. A personalized apron or chef’s hat can also be a thoughtful gift. You could also surprise them with a kitchen gadget they don’t have yet, such as an air fryer or sous vide machine.

Q: Can I send a virtual gift while social distancing?

A: Yes! There is an array of virtual gift options available that would make great quarantine gifts. Consider purchasing a subscription to your friend’s favorite streaming service or downloading an e-book or audiobook for them. You could also organize a group video call game night with friends using games that can be played online.

Q: What other types of creative gifts can I give my friend during the pandemic?

A: There are many creative gift options that you can choose from during this time, including DIY kits like candle making sets, paint by numbers sets or even cocktail-making tools. Personalized items like custom name necklaces, monogrammed throw blankets and engraved wine glasses are also great ways to show someone how much you care while keeping in touch at this time when people need it most