7 Unique Gift Ideas for a Friend Going Through a Divorce

Relationships can be challenging, and navigating the end of a marriage is never easy. When your friend is going through a divorce, it’s essential to support them emotionally and practically. One way to show your care and support is by giving thoughtful gifts that can bring comfort, joy, or practical help during this difficult time. Here are seven unique gift ideas for friends going through divorce.

1. Self-Care Kit

Going through a divorce can be an incredibly stressful experience that takes its toll on both mental and physical health. Encourage your friend to prioritize self-care with an indulgent self-care kit containing items like bath bombs, scented candles, luxurious bathrobe or slippers.

Sub-bullet points:

  • Essential oils diffuser
  • Face masks
  • Relaxing tea blends

A thoughtful self-care package will remind them they deserve some extra TLC.

2. Journaling Materials

Expressing thoughts and emotions in writing has proven therapeutic benefits when it comes to reducing stress during hard times.. A personalized diary ore journal along with nice pen set makes for excellent gift options especially at this difficult time.

Sub-bullet points:

  • Inspirational writing prompts
  • Colorful pens/markers

A daily practice of journaling allows release of pent-up feelings and maintains focus on positive outcomes in life ahead.

3. Comfort Items

During difficult times having something familiar around could make all the difference – A cozy blanket,a soft pillow customized t-shirts or hoodie can offer warmth ,remind them of good memories within their previous relationships or even just feel snuggly in those tough moments where they want nothing more than comfort from someone who cares about them.

Sub-bullet points:

-A warm throw blanket
-A custom cushion printed with their favorite quotes

A little token may seem small but shows thoughtfulness goes along way during tough times.

4. Inspirational Books

A good book is always a dependable source of comfort and encouragement.One that speaks to their identity or the journey they are embarking on could bring a great impact in their life.

Sub-bullet points:

-Self-improvement literature
-Motivational books

Books such as ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, ‘Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for Living a Better Life’ by Cleo Wade, and ‘Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear’ by Elizabeth Gilbert can help them build resilience, gain insights into personal growth and remain optimistic about the future.

5. Cooking tools

Encourage your friend to explore new hobbies, try out different cuisines with cooking utensils like baking pans ,cookbooks ,or even kitchen gadgets that simplify prepping cook time such as electric pressure cooker or air fryer.

Sub-bullet points:

-Recipe box with collective recipes
-A healthy cookbook full of quick meals

Using cooking as an outlet treats depression & stress while creating wonderful memories through bonding over food creations.

6. Houseplants

Brining some nature inside your friend’s home can improve focus,mood,and overall wellbeing.Besides being visually appealing having plants indoors has been linked to lower anxiety levels which is beneficial healing after divorce.

Sub-bullet points:

-Aloe vera plant (beneficial for reducing anxiety)
-Bamboo palm (known for bringing peace)

Plants are proven in mental health treatment settings increasing positive moods so why not treat someone you care about at home?

7. Online Therapy Sessions

Going through divorce can be challenging on many levels.It important to provide emotional support from professionals who understand how best to navigate this difficult experience.Gifting session packages provides opportunities to process emotions in healthy ways.This gift will show kindness whilst placing priority on promoting self-care mentally.

### Sub-bullet points:
-Convenient gift certificate
-Phone Therapy apps/services

During this difficult time personalized & professional therapy services can be essential during tough times.

Final Thoughts

Gifts are wonderful ways of showing you care and that they are not alone but in a community of love and support. Being thoughtful about the present options should show your friend that their pain emotive process matters to you.To select these gift ideas, we considered unique, practical and meaningful items designed to offer comfort, self-care or simply introduce simple pleasures into a more challenging season in life.As an editor-in-chief for BestInvesters it’s important that all the content adhere to Google SEO guidelines ensuring our articles reach as many people possible online!


Q: What are some popular gift ideas for a friend going through a divorce?
A: Some unique and thoughtful gift ideas include a journal for writing thoughts and feelings, self-care items such as bath bombs or candles, personalized jewelry with an empowering message, a book about healing after divorce, a subscription to therapy or coaching sessions, a gift certificate for a fun activity like painting or cooking classes, or even tickets to their favorite concert or show.

Q: Should I make the gift specific to my friend’s situation?
A: It can be helpful to tailor the gift to your friend’s situation if you know specifics about what they need most during this time. For example, if your friend is struggling with insomnia due to stress from the divorce process, giving them sleep aids like essential oil diffusers may be especially appreciated.

Q: Can gifting something humorous be appropriate in this case?
A: While it is important to be sensitive and considerate of your friend’s emotions during this difficult time in their life, adding humor can also help lighten the mood and provide some relief from stress. A quirky t-shirt with funny slogans related to being single again could be an appropriate gesture depending on your friendship dynamics and sense of humor together.