Best Birthday Gifts for Electricians: Top Picks for 2019

If you have a friend, family member, or coworker who is an electrician and has a birthday coming up, finding the perfect gift can be challenging. You want to get them something that is not only useful but also creative and thoughtful. To help you out, we’ve curated a list of top picks for birthday gifts for electricians in 2019.

Characteristics of Great Gifts for Electricians

Electricians are hard-working professionals who need tools and products that can withstand heavy usage and meet their standards. The best birthday gifts for electricians should:

  • Be durable
  • Make their work easier
  • Improve efficiency
  • Be unique/creative

With these characteristics in mind, here are our top picks.

Cordless Power Hand Drill

A cordless power hand drill can be a great addition to any electrician’s toolkit. Not only will it make their job faster and more efficient by eliminating the need to search for outlets, but it will also allow them to work safely in areas without power.

Sub-Bullet Points:
– Comes with various drill bits to handle different materials
– Lightweight design prevents fatigue

LED Headlamp

Working on electrical projects often requires hands-free lighting in tight spaces or dimly lit areas. A high-quality LED headlamp with adjustable brightness levels is both practical and helpful.

Sub-Bullet Points:
– Long battery life allows extended use
– Hands-free design means they won’t have to hold onto a flashlight

Personalized Leather Tool Belt

An essential accessory tool belt makes sure all necessary equipment is close at hand when working on an electrical project. By adding personalization such as name or initials engraved into quality leather material makes this item both functional yet beautifully unique.

Sub-Bullet Points:
– Options include custom logos or industry-specific symbols painted directly onto leather

Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

An electrician’s job can be incredibly noisy, but with Bluetooth wireless earbuds they can listen to music or take calls while on the job without any cords dangling nor sound interference from their work environment.

Sub-Bullet Points:
– Reduces noise fatigue and prevention of hearing damage
– Long battery life keeps them connected throughout the day

Electrical Etched Pint Glass Set

Not everything has to be about their profession! A fun electrical etching on a pint glass set adds an element of humor and relaxation when off duty.

Sub-Bullet Points:
– Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
– Available in different designs


Giving a thoughtful gift is all about understanding what your loved one needs and loves. With this list, we hope you’ve found inspiration for choosing the perfect birthday gifts for electricians in 2019 that combine practicality, creativity, utility, overall making their lives easier. Remember to also research individual’s preferences so that you pick a present perfectly tailored to them!

Note: When searching online remember there are always many options available which may not have been mentioned within this article. Be sure to conduct additional research if none of these items fit your specific needs!

The Ultimate Guide to Gift Ideas for Electricians

As the demand for electricity continues to grow, so does the need for skilled electricians. These professionals play a vital role in ensuring that homes, businesses and industries are powered safely and efficiently.

If you have an electrician in your life, perhaps as a friend or family member, finding the perfect gift may seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are plenty of unique gift ideas that cater specifically to their interests and profession.

In this guide, we’ll explore some creative yet practical gift options for electricians. From unique tools to fun household items with electrical themes – these gifts will surprise and delight any electrician on your list.

Tools & Equipment Gifts

Every professional needs quality tools they can rely on day after day. When it comes to electricians, here are some useful gifts that will make their job much easier:

1. Klein Tools Digital Multimeter

A digital multimeter is an essential tool for any electrician’s toolkit. It allows them to measure voltage levels on live circuits accurately easily and safely without interruption of current flow or damage devices under test.

2. Wiha Insulated Screwdriver Set

Electricity and metal don’t mix well when someone touches it directly; hence insulated screwdrivers crucial protection measures against accidents when handling live wires while troubleshooting electrical components.

3. Fluke Tone Generator & Probe Kit

For more complicated wiring installations or repairs where multiple wires run through separate conduit paths and/or walls requiring pinpoint identification without confusion upon reassembly,this device will trace signals across networks with ease.

Fun Household Items with Electrical Themes

When they’re not busy working hard solving electrical problems,don’t forget how all great craftsmen love novelty-themed lifestyle products from time-to-time.Check out these fun gadgets:

1.Circuit Board Coasters

These aesthetically designed coasters resemble abandoned circuit boards complete with colorful graphics and textures. They add a unique touch to their workspace or home office.

2.Electrical Outlet Wall Plate with USB Ports

This wall plate replacement conveniently adds more USB ports than normal outlets, making these modern times convenient for charging your electronic devices.

3.Electric Guitar BBQ Grill Tong

These cool tongs made in the shape of an electric guitar will jazz up any grill party. A great gift item that combines music and cooking into one.

Educational Materials

For some electricians staying on top of industry trends is crucial to stay competitive no matter what stage they are at in their career path.

1.Code Handbook Guidebook

An excellent resource book every electrician should keep by their side as it provides them insight on how to design, install, inspect and maintain electrical wiring systems correctly within full compliance with safety standards set by the National Electric Code (NEC).

2.”Electricity Fundamentals” Workbook & Quiz

A self-paced workbook is packed with quizzes questions that help electricians understand basic concepts and fundamental principles related to electrical energy, behaviors of circuit components within different environmentsor even refresh on potential hazards associated with high voltage applications.


Whether you’re searching for a birthday present, Christmas gift, or just want a thoughtful token of appreciation for someone special in your life who works as an electrician, this guide has got you covered. From practical tools to fun gadgets or educational resources – there are plenty of options out there from which you can choose.

Don’t forget; taking care of our loved ones who work hard day-in-day-out solving complex problems while working under risky conditions requires proper equipment/tools – so give them a gift they’ll love upholding next time they fix those wires!

If you have other great ideas for gifts that we missed mentioning here today? Please be sure let us know your thoughts below so others can see too!


1) Q: What are some unique birthday gift ideas for electricians?
A: Some unique ideas include a personalized tool bag, an electrical circuit board clock, or safety gear such as insulated gloves or boots.

2) Q: Are there any high-tech gifts that electricians would appreciate?
A: Yes! Consider gifting a thermal imaging camera which can detect hot spots in electrical systems or a smart voltage tester which can sync with a mobile app to track voltage readings.

3) Q: Is it appropriate to give cash as a birthday gift to an electrician?
A: While it is always appreciated, try to think of gifts that show more thought and appreciation such as new tools or gadgets. If you still wish to give money, consider gifting them with an Amazon gift card so they can purchase something they’ve had their eye on.