Best Gift Ideas for Expectant Moms

Congratulations, you or someone you know is expecting! It’s an exciting time filled with anticipation and preparation. However, finding the perfect gift for an expectant mom can be tricky. That’s why we’ve curated a list of some of the best gift ideas that any expectant mother will love and appreciate.

Personalized Jewelry

A personalized piece of jewelry can make a beautiful and meaningful gift for an expectant mom. Consider gifting her a pendant necklace or bracelet featuring her baby’s due date or name. This gift is not only heartfelt but something she can wear long after the baby has arrived.

Comfortable Maternity Clothes

Comfortable clothing is essential during pregnancy when your body changes in ways that might require different styles and sizes than what you’re used to wearing. Give her the ultimate comfort by gifting her with comfortable maternity clothes such as leggings, dresses, tops, and bras designed especially for pregnant women.

  • Ingrid & Isabel
  • ASOS Maternity
  • Seraphine
  • Motherhood Maternity

Pregnancy Books

Pregnancy books are always helpful gifts because they provide information about pregnancy stages, symptoms, nutrition, etc., helping moms-to-be feel more prepared and confident throughout their journey to motherhood. A great option could be “What To Expect When You’re Expecting,” which has been the go-to guidebook on pregnancy since its first publication in 1984.

Body Care Products

Body care products have become popular choices for a new mother’s pre-birth essentials bag because many brands offer all-natural and organic ingredients which are safe during pregnancy; also it shows how much thought went into this well-being centric present idea rather than focusing purely on practicality alone.

  • Earth Mama Organics Belly Oil
  • Hatch Mama Nourishing Body Oil
  • Era Organics Stretch Mark Cream

Maternity Pillow

A pregnancy pillow can make a huge difference in a mom’s sleep quality. A good quality maternity pillow supports the belly, back and knees which helps alleviate pressure points associated with sleeping during pregnancy. With various shapes to choose from, such as full-body pillows and wedge-styled options for targeted support; this gift idea is sure to provide relief.

  • Leachco Snoogle
  • Boppy Pregnancy Wedge


Picking the perfect gift for an expectant mother doesn’t have to be daunting. By choosing something personal, practical or related to her well-being; you cannot go wrong! We hope our curated list has helped inspire your next thoughtful and unique gift option that mom-to-be will love.

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What are some practical gift ideas for expectant moms?

Some practical gift ideas for expectant moms include a comfortable pregnancy pillow, maternity clothes, diaper bag, nursing bras and pads, baby carrier or stroller, breastfeeding pillows, and stretch mark cream. These gifts can help the mom-to-be feel more comfortable during her pregnancy and make caring for her newborn easier.

    Are there any thoughtful gift ideas that go beyond traditional baby items?

    Yes! Consider gifting an experience like a prenatal massage or acupuncture session to help ease any discomfort the mom may be experiencing during pregnancy. Another thoughtful idea is to create a personalized memory box or scrapbook where the mom can store special mementos from her pregnancy journey.

      What are some unique gift ideas for an expectant mom who already has children?

      If the expectant mom already has children, consider gifting her with items that specifically cater to being a mother of multiple kids such as books about managing multiple children at different ages or items that will keep older siblings occupied while she cares for the newborn such as activity sets or board games. Additionally, having someone come in to clean their house after giving birth could also be a helpful and much appreciated gesture!