Best Gifts for Bridesmaids: The Ultimate List

If you’re looking for the best gifts to give your bridesmaids, look no further. Here are some of our top picks that are sure to make your bridesmaids feel special and appreciated on your big day.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts add an extra touch of thoughtfulness and can serve as a great memento of the event. Consider these options:

Custom Clutches

Matching clutches personalized with each bridesmaid’s initials make a great accessory for the wedding day.

Monogrammed Jewelry

Jewelry pieces such as bracelets or necklaces with monogrammed initials make for long-lasting keepsakes.

Custom Robes

Custom robes featuring each bridesmaid’s name or initials will come in handy during hair and makeup prep on the wedding day while also serving as a thoughtful gift that they can continue to use afterwards.

Pampering Gifts

Relaxing spa items can be just what is needed after all the stress leading up to the wedding. These pamperig gifts are perfect:

Bath Bomb Set

A set of bath bombs crafted from natural ingredients will promote relaxation and self-care.

Facial Masks

High-quality facial masks provide nourishment and skincare rejuvenation – especially important following late night celebrations!

Fashionable Gifts

Fashionable items adds fun, stylish touches that still offer practical functionality. Add some flair with one of these unique choices:

Initial Tote Bags

Tote bags embroidered with initial letter added charm providing functional value well beyond just carrying essentials on daily basis.

Boho Kimono Cover-Up Tops

Boho Kimono cover-up tops present stylish options for poolside action when everyone gathers together post-wedding celebration.

Fun & Quirky Gift Ideas

Who says bridal parties have to be serious? Get silly fabulously picked quirky pieces would add up some good humor off camera moments:

Face Planters

Adorable planters in the shape of animal faces are sure to bring amusement and humor.

Succulent Themed Gifts

Succulents themed gifts, like cactus-shaped candles or tiny succulent plants in mini pots, add a delightful touch of greenery while also providing an instant mood-lift.

Ready. Set. Jet!

A passport holder and luggage tag personalized with each bridesmaid’s name makes for both a fun reminder of the special day as well as streamlining travel plans!

Why Personalized Items Make Great Bridal Party Favors

Customized items serve not only practical functionality but also long-lasting memories for everyone involved

When choosing the best gift ideas for your bridesmaids keep longevity and adaptability in mind — selecting pieces that could fit into multiple settings rather than niche moments will allow them to continue reusing well beyond just festivities on wedding day. Be it fashion accessories or quirky options let us all get excited about showering our favorite attendants with commemorative gifts that represent their unique place within our lives!


What is a good price range for bridesmaid gifts?
– It ultimately depends on your budget, but a general guideline is to spend around $50-$100 per bridesmaid. However, if you have a smaller budget, there are still plenty of thoughtful and affordable options out there.

Are personalized gifts necessary for bridesmaids?
– Personalization adds that extra special touch and can make the gift feel more meaningful. However, it’s not always necessary as long as the gift is thoughtful and shows your appreciation for their support in your wedding journey.

Do all the bridesmaids have to receive the same gift?
– While it’s traditional to give identical gifts to each bridesmaid, it’s not necessary. Consider their individual tastes and personalities when selecting gifts that they would love and appreciate individually. You could also consider giving each bridesmaid a different item from within the same category (e.g., different colors of nail polish or slightly different styles of earrings).