Best Gifts for Jigsaw Puzzle Lovers

Are you looking to surprise a puzzle fanatic with a special gift? Look no further! We have put together a list of the best gifts for jigsaw puzzle lovers that are sure to bring joy and excitement.

Personalized Puzzle

A personalized puzzle is an excellent gift idea for any jigsaw puzzler. It allows them to create their custom puzzle using their favorite photo, scenery, or artwork. Many online retailers offer customizable options in different sizes and shapes.

Photo Collage Puzzle

For those who love pictures, a photo collage puzzle can make an amazing present which incorporates multiple images in one place.

Storage and Sorting System

Managing thousands of tiny pieces can be overwhelming. A storage system will help keep everything organized. There are plenty of options available on the market – from drawer-style trays to specially designed boards with sorting compartments – so find the one that suits your giftee’s needs best!


Jigsaws enthusiasts will appreciate having everything they need at hand: this portable storage system includes unique surfaces allowing people to work on several puzzles simultaneously without worrying about bits getting mixed up during moving puzzles from place to place.

Rotating Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Rotating jigsaw table tops let you turn your incomplete masterpiece around effortlessly while ensuring every piece stays connected properly when rotating it; giving more room space availability than traditional flat tables provide.

Adjustable Tilt Table

It’s possible to adjust not only the height but also its tilt angle—ideal if someone gets backaches after spending hours piecing together some challenging themed landscapes.

Escape Room Game based on Puzzles

For adventurous souls who like puzzles as much as mysteries, many escape rooms now offer rooms where teams solve riddles and clues under time-pressure conditions; These would make excellent gifts ideas because these games would become experiences shared with family or friends rather than things occupying shelves.

Puzzle-Themed Escape Room

Puzzle escape room experiences provide a unique challenge by combining the fun of puzzles with the thrill of adventure. They make excellent gifts for puzzle lovers who are looking to break away from traditional jigsaw-puzzling.

No matter what your budget or puzzle lover’s skill level, these gift ideas will bring joy and excitement to any jigsaw enthusiast in your life. Happy puzzling!

Remember that this list is just the beginning, so feel free to browse BestInvesters for even more fantastic gift ideas tailored specifically around hobbies, preferences and unique personalities!

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are an excellent gift idea for jigsaw puzzle lovers! You can put together a basket with a variety of puzzle-related items, including:

  • A jigsaw puzzle book: Choose a book filled with puzzles of different difficulty levels to challenge and entertain the recipient.
  • A how-to guide: For beginners, include a guide that covers different techniques for completing puzzles. This will help them understand the basics and become more confident in their abilities.
  • A new puzzle: Include a new and exciting puzzle to add to their collection. Look for unique designs or themes that match their interests.
  • Snacks: Add some snacks such as popcorn, candy or nuts to keep them fueled while they work on their new puzzles.

You can find pre-made puzzle baskets online or make your own customized basket. Either way, it’s sure to be appreciated by any jigsaw enthusiast.

Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are another great option for those who love puzzles and want regular challenges delivered right to their door each month. Some popular subscription box services include:

  1. Puzzle Culture
    This service offers customers monthly packages containing exclusive hand-curated puzzles from around the world, along with related bonus items like stickers or posters.

  2. Finders Seekers Mysteries
    This subscription service delivers monthly themed adventures in which you need to solve various clues and mysteries using problem-solving skills and brain teasers.

  3. Puzzledora
    Puzzledora provides subscribers access to an array of quality jigsaw puzzlers at affordable prices while giving back 10% of profits made from subscriptions towards charity every quarter.

When choosing a subscription box, consider factors such as price point, delivery frequency (monthly or bi-monthly), level of difficulty offered, and shipping costs.

Whether you opt for a gift basket full of jigsaws goodies or go down the route of subscribing your giftee into receiving surprise monthly parcel deliveries – anyone who loves puzzles will love the thought you put into their gift box.


What are some unique gift ideas for jigsaw puzzle lovers?

    Puzzle mats and roll-up organizers
    Customized/personalized puzzles featuring a favorite photo or image
    Puzzle accessories such as sorting trays, glue, and framing kits
    Puzzle-themed mugs, t-shirts, or wall art
    Jigsaw puzzle subscription boxes that deliver new puzzles every month
    How do I choose the right difficulty level for a jigsaw puzzle gift?

    Consider the interests and experience level of the recipient – if they’re an avid puzzler, they may prefer a higher piece count or more complex designs. If it’s someone newer to puzzling, start with lower piece counts or beginner-friendly themes like animals or landscapes. Keep in mind that some people enjoy the challenge of difficult puzzles while others find them frustrating – think about your recipient’s personality before selecting a puzzle.

      Can I give a digital jigsaw puzzle as a gift?

      Yes! Many websites and apps offer customizable digital jigsaw puzzles that can be sent via email to friends and family members. Some even allow you to use your own photos for an extra personal touch. Additionally, virtual escape rooms have become increasingly popular during COVID times which also involves various types of intricate challenges liker solving clues through interactive jigsaws which mark great immersive experiences for those who enjoy such games along with their love for jigasw puzzles .