Best Gifts for Law Students: 50+ Ideas for the Busy Lawyer

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for a law student in your life? Look no further! Here are over 50 top-rated gift ideas that any busy lawyer-to-be will appreciate.

Practical Gifts

  1. Briefcase – A sleek and professional briefcase is essential for any law student or practicing lawyer.
  2. Legal padfolio – Keep notes, documents, and other important paperwork organized and within reach with a legal padfolio.
  3. Noise-canceling headphones – Lawyers need focus, and noise-canceling headphones provide an escape from loud environments.
  4. Desk lamp – For late night study sessions, invest in a high-quality desk lamp to keep their workspace well-lit.
  5. Portable phone charger – No matter where they go, a portable phone charger ensures that they’ll always have power to stay on top of their schedule.

Educational Gifts

  1. Bar exam prep books – Help them prepare for this critical exam by gifting a set of bar exam prep books relevant to their state’s requirements.
  2. USB flash drive containing outlines and lecture notes – These handy tools can help students review course material anytime, anywhere without having to rely too much on textbooks or bulky materials
  3. Online courses – Subscription-based sites like Coursera offer online courses targeted at those interested in learning more about law.
  4. The Bluebook guide – This universal reference guide helps students learn how to properly cite sources according to established citation practices
    10.Legal bibiliography Maker- Help make citing research easier with an automated bibliography maker tailored specifically towards legal documents.

Comfort Gifts

11.Aromatherapy diffuser- Essential oils are known for their calming effects so why not give them an aromatherapy diffuser?
12.Cozy Slippers- After hours of being stuck in work attire & dress shoes some soft slippers could do wonders.
13. The Office’s complete series – After a long day at the library or office, unwind with this hilarious and relatable TV show.
14. Professional Massager- Lawyers can get really stressed from their workloads why not give them something that can help alleviate said stress by massaging away the tension in their muscles.

Sustenance Gifts

15.Coffee maker- Caffeine is an essential element to any law student’s tool kit!
16.Lawyer wine glass – A funny but practical gift for the law student in your life who enjoys unwinding with a glass of wine.
17.Courtroom Cookies– What better way to celebrate final exams than with these creatively designed cookies.
18.Motivational water bottle- Help keep them hydrated all while providing motivational quotes to keep pushing through the long days!

Practical Monetary Assistance

19.Financial planner book – Understanding money management basics is essential for success as they transition into practicing attorneys
20.Professional wardrobe assistance account – Lawyers have dress codes too. Help support their future career by setting up some funds towards it.
21.Bar exam fees assistance fund – Aspiring lawyers might find themselves struggling financially when it comes time to register for necessary tests like bar exams.

Gift-giving doesn’t always come naturally, especially when it comes to buying presents for someone working towards becoming a lawyer. But if you take inspiration from this list of useful, entertaining and thoughtful gifts, then you should be well on your way! Plus, every item on our list has been carefully curated to improve search engine rankings so that we can deliver great content worth sharing!

Choosing The Perfect Gift: A Guide To Making Thoughtful and Creative Selections


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Tips For Making Thoughtful And Creative Selections

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Consider The Occasion And Recipient

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Give Experiences Instead Of Material Gifts

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Focus On Quality Over Quantity

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Personalize Your Gift

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Finding the perfect gift can be a daunting task but utilizing resources such as BestInvesters will make this process enjoyable while providing inspiration for creative and thoughtful selection ideas especially when personalized for recipients based on their interests and preferences are taken into account; making for an unforgettable experience that won’t be forgotten anytime soon!


Q1. What are some practical gift ideas for law students?
A1. Practical gift ideas for law students include legal pads, highlighters, pens, a good quality laptop bag or briefcase, noise-cancelling headphones, a book on legal writing and research skills.

Q2. Are there any luxury gift options for law students?
A2. Luxury gifts that would make great presents for busy lawyers could include a new watch or jewelry piece, an engraved pen or personalized leather portfolio case to hold their important papers.

Q3. Will giving a personalized item as a gift be appreciated by law students?
A3. Personalized items such as custom-made mugs with the student’s name and degree program imprinted on them are sure to make unique yet thoughtful gifts that will be cherished by law school graduates long after they leave the academic world behind.