Best Gifts for Newly Pregnant Moms

Are you searching for the perfect gift to celebrate a friend or loved one’s pregnancy? BestInvesters has curated a list of unique and thoughtful gifts that any newly pregnant mom would appreciate.

Characteristics of Newly Pregnant Moms

Before we dive into our gift ideas, let’s start with some characteristics of newly pregnant moms. These are important considerations when selecting the best gifts for them.

  • Typically in their first trimester
  • May experience morning sickness
  • May be feeling overwhelmed and anxious about pregnancy
  • Excited to share the news with family and friends
  • Interested in learning more about pregnancy and birth

Top Gift Ideas for Newly Pregnant Moms

  1. Pregnancy Journal: Give the expecting mother a place to document her thoughts, feelings, and memories throughout her pregnancy journey.

  2. Morning Sickness Relief Kit: Nausea can be common during early pregnancy, so consider gifting ginger chews or drops, sea bands (acupressure wristbands), or pregnant-safe teas specifically designed to alleviate morning sickness.

  3. Maternity Pillow: A comfortable maternity pillow can help provide support while sleeping and alleviate back pain associated with pregnancy.

  4. Prenatal Yoga Classes: Prenatal yoga classes offer a great way to stay active during this exciting time while also connecting with other expectant mothers.

  5. Maternity Clothes Subscription Box: Treat your loved one to stylish maternity clothes delivered right to their door each month through a maternity clothing subscription box service like Stitch Fix Maternity or Le Tote Maternity.

  6. Birth Prep Book: Consider gifting an informative book on birth preparation that covers topics such as delivery options, pain management techniques, breastfeeding tips, postpartum care advice etc., like “Expecting Better” by Emily Oster .

7.Pregnancy Necklace: Symbolize your love and connection with the mom-to-be by gifting her a pregnancy necklace. The necklace has two interlocking rings, representing the bond between mother and child.


Choosing a perfect gift for newly pregnant moms can show your love and support during this exciting time in their lives. By considering their characteristics and preferences, we hope our handpicked gift ideas have helped you find the best present to celebrate this joyous occasion. Remember that providing value with high-quality content is key to improving search engine rankings while also driving more traffic.

7. Pregnancy Necklace: Celebrate the Bond between Mother and Child

If you’re searching for a meaningful gift idea for an expectant mother, consider gifting her a pregnancy necklace. Not only will it show your love and support as she embarks on this new journey, but it also symbolizes the special bond between mother and child.

Why Choose a Pregnancy Necklace?

A pregnancy necklace is designed with two interlocking rings that represent the connection between mother and baby. As the pendant rests on her growing belly, it creates a soothing chime sound that can be heard by both mom-to-be and baby. This calming sound has been said to create positive feelings of serenity and happiness during pregnancy.

How to Choose a Pregnancy Necklace

When selecting a pregnancy necklace as a gift, consider factors such as:
– Style: There are various styles available, from simple designs to more elaborate pieces.
– Material: Look for high-quality materials such as sterling silver or gold plating.
– Length: Consider getting an adjustable chain so she can wear it throughout her entire pregnancy.

You can also opt for customization options like engraving or choosing specific birthstones to make the gift even more personal.


A pregnancy necklace is not just another piece of jewelry – it represents the unbreakable bond between mother and child. By gifting one to an expectant mother in your life, you’ll be showing her how much you care while providing added comfort throughout her journey into parenthood.


What are some of the best gifts for newly pregnant moms?

Some of the best gifts for newly pregnant moms include prenatal vitamins, maternity clothes, pregnancy pillows, non-toxic skincare products, and books on pregnancy and parenting.

    Are there any specific types of maternity clothes that make good gifts?

    Yes! Maternity clothes that make good gifts include stretchy leggings or yoga pants, loose-fitting tops and sweaters, comfy nursing bras or tanks (if the mom plans to breastfeed), and supportive belly bands or belts.

      What other types of items might be appreciated by a newly pregnant mom?

      Other great gift ideas for newly pregnant moms might include a childbirth education class or doula services voucher, a massage gift certificate to help with sore muscles during pregnancy, an exercise ball for labor preparation exercises at home, or a personalized baby book/journal to record all their special moments throughout their pregnancy journey.