Best Wedding Thank You Wording for Gift Cards

Weddings are the perfect occasion to celebrate with family and friends. Those who attend your wedding shower you with love, kindness and gifts. It’s common courtesy to send a note of thanks for their presence on your special day and the kind gifts they have given.

A gift card is popular choice of gift that many guests choose to give newlyweds. If you’ve received gift cards as a present, it’s important to thank the giver with sincere gratitude. Writing a thoughtful message on your thank-you card shows how much their support means to you.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some best wedding thank-you wording ideas for gift cards that will help inspire couples seeking something heartfelt yet concise when expressing their appreciation.

Expressing Gratitude

Expressing gratitude through words can be challenging but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated. A simple “Thank You” can go along way in showing appreciation for someone’s thoughtfulness.

Here are some examples:

  • Thank you so much for sharing our special day with us!
  • Your generosity warms our hearts! Thanks again!
  • We’re grateful for the love and support from wonderful friends like you!
  • Thank you kindly – we appreciate your warmheartedness very much!

Remember: Always include personalized touch in every note you write by referring back to memories created with those specific guests during your big day!

Showcasing Appreciation

When conveying gratefulness, convey how much it meant receiving them . Here’s an example of showcasing appreciation:

“Dear [Name],
We could hardly wait until our big day finally arrived… and neither could we wait any longer until telling each other about all of the lovely things gifted by dear family members such as yourselves! Perhaps one thing stood out among them all—your own sincerely thoughtful contribution in form of [insert type] Gift Card—the unique item which symbolizes your love and support for our new chapter in life. Thank you very much for thinking of us on our wedding day. We are so blessed to have people who cared enough to celebrate a moment in time with us as well!”

Highlighting the Present

When composing a thank-you note for gift cards, make sure to pay proper respect and highlight the generous present that was given:

“Dear [Name],
We wanted to spend a few minutes today expressing our truly heartfelt appreciation for selecting such an outstanding Gift Card as your contribution towards celebrating this special milestone together with us. Your attention is evident when one considers how perfectly suitable this selection is (completely “us!”) and it will surely be put toward good use in building a loving home filled with shared memories.”

A Personal Touch

Adding personal touch makes the message feel more genuine and sincere.

For example:
– You gave us something intangible – hope, joy, sincerity & kindness! That has no value measured by price! Thanks from all our heart!
– Having friends like you means so much more than any wedding gift ever could.
– Seeing familiar faces like yours at our reception made it even better than we could’ve imagined!

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In conclusion, choose words that express true gratitude when sending out thank-you notes after receiving gift cards from loved ones during your wedding. Remember to add a personalized touch, highlight the present, express heartfelt appreciation and the most important of all – don’t forget to enjoy! The best thank-you notes are always those that come straight from the heart.

When to Send Wedding Thank-You Cards

Wedding thank-you cards are a crucial part of the post-wedding process. They show appreciation to your guests for attending your special day and for any gifts they gave you. Proper etiquette dictates that these thank-you notes should be sent within a certain timeframe, depending on when the gift was received.

Timing is Key

It’s important to send wedding thank-you cards promptly after returning from your honeymoon, ideally within three months of your wedding day. This allows you enough time to select and purchase stationary, write personalized messages, and send them out to all of your guests.

For gifts received before the wedding, it’s best to send thank-yous within two weeks if possible. This shows that you appreciate the gift so much that you just couldn’t wait until after the big day.

How To Address Wedding Thank-You Cards

Addressing wedding thank-you cards can seem daunting at first, but with a few simple guidelines in mind, it can be easy and straightforward.

  • Use formal language – Start by addressing each guest formally by using titles such as “Mr.” or “Mrs.”

  • Include specific names – Whenever possible, include the recipient’s full name in your message. If you don’t know their spouse or partner’s name yet but were invited as a couple then address both together; use their joint last name if applicable (such as Mr. & Mrs Smith).

  • Personalize each note – Make sure each handwritten note is tailored specifically to its recipient by mentioning something about them or expressing gratitude for their presence during this special occasion.

Dealing With Unknown Guests

If you don’t know someone’s full name or aren’t sure how best to address them correctly here are some tips:

  • “Mother” Titles – For example ”Mother of the Bride” – Can be used when addressing close family members who helped plan or host aspects of the big day.
  • “Friend of the Bride/Groom” – This is a great one to use if you aren’t sure who someone is, or if you just received a gift with no accompanying card.
  • “Plus-One” Guests – If your invitation did not disclose the name of an accompanied guest then ensure that both names are addressed in the thank-you note.

Personalizing Your Wedding Thank-You Cards

Personalizing your wedding thank-you notes doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. Here are some simple tips for making each message special and heartfelt:

  • Start by thanking each recipient for their presence at your wedding – Everyone took time out of their day to be there with you, so it’s important to acknowledge that fact.

  • Mention specific gifts – If guests gave gifts beyond money or generic ones like flowers, remember to mention exactly what they gave you make details more personalized.

  • Share something personal – Take a moment in each note , perhaps adding a memorable experience during their presence on your big day that will let them know how much it meant personally.

Including photos from your wedding day can also add a special touch when sending thank-you cards after the event. You could create custom designed cards via services such as CanvasChamp and fill them with pictures from the ceremony and reception. These creative touches make perfect keepsakes long after the event has passed.


Sending proper thank-you notes after your wedding is one way to show appreciation for all those involved on this common celebration. While there might be different opinions regarding etiquette protocols around these communications; following these guidelines ensures everyone feels appreciated for their contributions towards creating an unforgettable occasion which ultimately reinforces relationships bonds between family members and friends alike.


Q: How should I word my wedding thank you note when receiving a gift card?

A: When thanking someone for a gift card, be sure to express your appreciation for the thought and generosity behind the gesture. A simple example of wording could be “Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift of a gift card. It will definitely come in handy as we start our new life together.”

    Q: Is it necessary to mention the amount of money on the gift card in my thank you note?

    A: No, it is not necessary or polite to mention how much money was on the gift card in your thank you note. It’s more important to emphasize your gratitude for their thoughtfulness and support during this special time.

      Q: Should I send separate thank-you notes if multiple people gave us a joint gift card?

      A: Yes, it would be best to send individual thank-you notes acknowledging each person who contributed to the joint gift card. This shows that you appreciate each individual’s contribution and goes a long way in expressing your gratitude.