Best White Elephant Gift Ideas for Your Holiday Party

Are you looking for a fun and unique gift idea for your holiday party’s white elephant exchange? Look no further than BestInvesters! Our team has curated a list of the most exciting, amusing, and creative gifts that are sure to be the hit of any white elephant exchange.

Characteristics of White Elephant Gifts on BestInvesters

  • Uncommon: We offer gifts that are not easily found anywhere else.
  • Fun & Amusing: Our gifts come with playful twists or funny gimmicks.
  • Versatile: Gifts suited for both genders are available.
  • Affordable Price-range: Great options under 25$.

Without further ado, here are our top picks!

1. Penguin Scarf Tying Kit

This kit will help bring some warmth during cold winter days while also providing an amusing activity! The scarf comes in a cute penguin shape complete with instructions on how to tie it properly.

2. Wine Bottle Glass

The perfect gift option for someone who enjoys drinking wine – this hilarious glass fits the entire bottle of wine inside it! It is one of the must-have conversational piece at any social gathering or family dinner party.

3. Desktop Basketball Court

For someone who loves sports or office games – This mini desktop basketball court with balls can fit into any space without taking up too much room. Great way by which one would get energized through out his working time table.

4. Personalized Socks

These personalized socks feature your friend’s face on them — how could they not be pleased? It is made from high-quality cotton and machine washable material, making these socks exceptionally comfortable as they add uniqueness to an ordinary accessory like socks!


With all these amazing gift ideas listed above, you cannot go wrong selecting something memorable from BestInvesters even when running low on budget.The only challenge left now is choosing which one will be the best pick for your holiday party white elephant exchange.


What is a white elephant party, and what are the rules for exchanging gifts?

A white elephant gift exchange is a fun holiday tradition where participants bring funny or unusual gifts to swap with others. The rules of the game vary, but typically involve drawing numbers or picking gifts from a pile in order. Once everyone has chosen a gift, players can either keep their present or choose another person’s gift instead. Some variations allow for stealing of previously opened presents.

    What makes a good white elephant gift idea?

    A good white elephant gift idea is something that will make people laugh and get them talking! It could be something quirky or practical, like an unusual kitchen gadget, creative office supplies, silly socks, or even an absurdly large candy bar. The best gifts are often those that have some sort of backstory or humorous element to them.

      Are there any guidelines I should follow when choosing a white elephant gift?

      While there aren’t any hard and fast rules for what makes the perfect white elephant present, it’s generally recommended to avoid overly offensive items (like anything political or religious) and anything too valuable (since part of the fun is in seeing how people react to unexpected items). Additionally, consider your audience – if you’re attending an office party where most people don’t know each other well yet, opt for more universal items that won’t alienate anyone on your team.