Can I Get Cash for Amazon Gift Cards?


Amazon gift cards are a popular option for people looking to give gifts or make purchases on the online marketplace. However, sometimes individuals receive a gift card they don’t want or need and wonder if they can turn it into cash instead. In this article, we explore whether it’s possible to get cash for Amazon gift cards and what options are available.

Can You Get Cash for Amazon Gift Cards?

The short answer is yes – there are ways to convert your Amazon gift card balance into cash. Here are some of the most common methods:

1. Sell Your Gift Card Online

Several websites allow you to sell your unwanted gift cards in exchange for cash or other types of payment, such as PayPal credit. Examples of reputable reseller sites include Raise, Cardpool, and Gift Card Granny.

To sell on these platforms:

  • Create an account with the site.
  • Enter information about your gift card (e.g., brand, value).
  • Wait for offers from various buyers.
  • Once you accept an offer, send your physical gift card through mail or provide an electronic code.

Keep in mind that sellers typically have to pay transaction fees (usually around 5% to 15%) when selling on these platforms.

2. Use Coinstar Exchange Kiosks

Coinstar is known primarily for its coin-counting kiosks found at grocery stores nationwide; however, Coinstar also has a program where customers can exchange their unwanted gift cards – including those from Amazon – in exchange for money added onto store credit at select retailers or e-gift codes sent via email.

To use Coinstar Exchange kiosk:

  • Go to
  • Find the nearest participating location using machine locator
  • Bring your unwanted physical gift card with photo ID
  • Insert the physical gift certificate into CoinStar Exchange kiosk
  • You’ll receive a voucher to exchange gift card balance

CoinStar Exchange does not deduct any fees from the amount converted.

3. Sell Gift Cards Privately Online

If you want to avoid transaction fees and prefer more control over how much money you receive, consider selling your Amazon gift card privately on sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. These platforms allow individuals to connect with potential buyers directly and negotiate their own terms.

However, selling privately also means assuming responsibility for ensuring that transactions are safe and secure. Make sure to only meet in public locations when completing transactions and be wary of scams.


If you have an unwanted Amazon gift card collecting dust in your drawer, don’t despair! Whether you sell through a reseller site, use Coinstar Exchange Kiosks or sell it privately online, there are several ways to turn it into cash or store credits at other retailers. By being resourceful and careful throughout the process, you can successfully convert your gift card balance while avoiding fraudsters who prey on people looking for quick cash options.

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Can I exchange my Amazon gift card for cash?
Yes, you can exchange your Amazon gift card for cash through reputable online marketplaces or third-party retailers such as Cardpool, Coinstar, and Giftcard Granny. However, they may charge a small fee or offer less than the actual value of the gift card.

How do I get cash from my Amazon gift card without selling it online?
You can also use your Amazon gift card to purchase products and resell them on platforms like eBay, Craigslist or Facebook marketplace for cash. Alternatively, some grocery stores and pharmacies accept Amazon gift cards as payment in-store where you can then withdraw the remaining amount in cash.

Is it safe to sell my Amazon gift card for cash online?
It is essential to use trusted websites like Cardpool that guarantee secure transactions and provide customer support throughout the process. Always read reviews from other customers before committing to any sale agreements with an unfamiliar buyer or website.