Father’s Day Craft Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Father’s Day is almost here, and it’s the perfect time for toddlers to show their love with a handmade gift. Crafts are a fun way for young children to express themselves creatively and create something special that dads will cherish forever.

Here are some easy and creative Father’s Day craft gift ideas that toddlers can make:

Handprint Card

  • Fold a piece of cardstock paper in half.
  • Have your toddler dip their hand in paint (washable paint is recommended).
  • Press your toddler’s hand on the front of the cardstock paper to make a handprint.
  • Allow it to dry completely before writing “Happy Father’s Day” or any personalized message inside the card.

“Daddy Rocks” Paperweight

  • Find some smooth rocks outside or purchase from an art store.
  • Paint them with bright colors and let them dry completely.
  • Once they’re dry, use permanent markers to write “Dad,” “I Love You,” or other personalized messages on each rock.
  • Place all rocks inside a small box or pouch as a cute little present just like ready-to-go gifts such as offered by BestInvesters.

Handmade Tie

  • Cut out two tie-shaped pieces of felt fabric
  • Let your toddler decorate one piece using different colored yarns, glitters, buttons etc. Creativity has no limits!
  • Glue both pieces together with non-toxic glue leaving the top open loop so you can slide it onto dad’s shirt collar like an ordinary tie.

When creating these crafts, remember that participation is more important than perfection. Letting toddlers have fun and get messy while making gifts not only builds memories but also gives dads keepsakes that they’ll treasure. Don’t forget to take pictures!

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Overall, these simple, creative craft gift ideas are a meaningful way for toddlers to show their love on Father’s Day. With a little guidance and lots of imagination, they can create unique presents that dads will cherish.


What are some easy Father’s Day craft gift ideas for toddlers?

Answer: Some popular and easy Father’s Day craft gift ideas for toddlers include creating handprint or footprint art, decorating a photo frame, making a personalized keychain, crafting a paper tie card, or decorating a coffee mug.

    Can you suggest some budget-friendly Father’s Day craft gift ideas?

    Answer: Of course! Budget-friendly Father’s Day crafts for toddlers can include making a handmade card with construction paper and markers, painting rocks to spell out “DAD,” creating an “All About Dad” questionnaire that the child answers and illustrates themselves, or assembling a memory box filled with photos and mementos.

      What are some unique father’s day crafts that toddler might enjoy creating?

      Answer: For unique Father’s Day crafts that toddlers may enjoy creating, try making DIY superhero capes or masks using colorful fabrics or felt sheets; designing custom coasters using clay and paint; constructing their own fishing tackle-box filled with sweets treats; building picture frames from wooden popsicle sticks; or even baking specially-made cookies in fun shapes like ties or mustaches.