Funny Gifts for Coworkers Leaving: 50+ Ideas to Make Them Smile

Are you looking for the perfect gift ideas to bid farewell to your coworker who’s leaving? Say goodbye with a smile on their face by giving them something funny, unique, and memorable. Here are our top 50+ picks:

Office Pranks

  • Fake electrical shock pen
  • Annoying sound machine
  • Office supply crossbow
  • Whoopee cushion
  • Sneezing powder

Mugs and Tumblers

  • “World’s Okayest Employee” mug
  • “Don’t Talk To Me Before I’ve Had My Coffee” tumbler
    -“I Survived Another Meeting That Should Have Been an Email” mug
    -“May Contain Alcohol” wine glass

Desk Decorations

-Lava lamp with floating poop emoji pieces
-Funny desk signs like “Go Away,” “Quiet Genius At Work,” or “Nothing Good Ever Comes From Knocking”
-Miniature Zen garden complete with little figures including office workers throwing punches at each other

Gags and Toys

-Horse head mask for the ultimate office prank
-Donald Trump toilet brush holder (Make Your Toilet Great Again!)
-Paper Airplane Launcher Gun

Weird Gadgets

-A “Self-Stirring Mug”
-A miniature USB-powered fridge


-“The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life”
-“How To Win Friends And Influence People In The Digital Age”
-“Toilet Paper Origami”

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be boring, especially if it’s meant as a send-off celebration. Choose any of these fun, practical gifts that will surely put smiles on your departing colleague’s faces. Remember; however good or bad your coworkers are, they’re still the ones you choose—and need—to spend eight hours a day with.


1) What type of funny gifts can I give to a coworker who is leaving?
Answer: Some popular ideas for funny gifts include prank items, humorous books or desk accessories, novelty mugs or t-shirts, or personalized caricatures or cartoons.

2) Is it appropriate to give a coworker a gag gift when they are leaving the company?
Answer: This ultimately depends on the culture and relationship within your workplace. If you know that your coworker has a good sense of humor and will appreciate the gesture, then giving them a silly or lighthearted gift can be a great way to celebrate their time at the company. However, if you are unsure about how they will receive it, it may be best to opt for a more traditional gift instead.

3) How do I choose the right funny gift for my coworker who is leaving?
Answer: Consider their personality and interests when selecting a gift. If they have always been known as someone with a great sense of humor, then something playful like office pranks might work well. Alternatively, if they are passionate about sports or movies, finding an item that incorporates those themes could also make them smile. Ultimately, choose something that reflects your appreciation for their contributions while also bringing some levity to the situation.