Get Cash for Your Gift Cards!

Are you holding onto gift cards that you don’t plan on using? Did you know that rather than letting them go to waste, there are ways to turn those unwanted gift cards into cash?

In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks to help you get cash for your gift cards while following BestInvesters’s editorial standards and Google SEO guidelines.

Why Sell Your Unused Gift Cards?

Many of us have received a gift card as a present for birthdays or the holiday season. While they can be convenient, sometimes we receive cards for stores we rarely shop at or the value doesn’t align with our shopping needs. Rather than let these gifts collect dust in drawers at home, selling your unused gift cards has become quite popular.

Not only does it put extra money back in your pocket (who doesn’t love some extra spending cash!), but it also reduces clutter in your home. Some people even prefer receiving cash over a physical item or experience-oriented vouchers.

How to Get Cash for Your Gift Cards

Now that we’ve discussed why it is useful to sell your unused gift cards let’s talk about how to do so effectively:

1. Research Resale websites

Various reputable online platforms like allow users to sell their unwanted gift cards quickly and easily. Simply list the card(s) on their platform along with the asking price – just bear in mind they’ll charge a commission fee between 10-15% when the sale goes through.

2. Trade-In Program

Some retailers offer trade-in programs where customers exchange store-specific credit for other products without expiration dates just after crediting off some percentage from its value

3.Try Selling on eBay.

Alternatively, sites like eBay provide an easy-to-navigate marketplace allowing sellers full control of both the listing price, shipping terms and methods of payment acceptance making sure not only do buyers benefit from seller ratings but sellers themselves have a trustworthy, easy platform to use.

4. Visit Your Local Pawnbroker or Coin Shop

Although you won’t receive the total value of the gift card from such establishments they may accept them as an alternative currency reducing their out-of-pocket expenses allowing you to get some percentage of their worth in cash instead

Final Thoughts

Selling unused gift cards is an excellent way not only to declutter your space but also make some extra cash. These days there are various platforms and shops that will happily purchase unwanted store credit making the process simple and straightforward while benefitting sellers at almost no cost.

Remember – when selling your gift card on any platform always prioritize safety. Research reputable websites before putting up listings for sale and never provide sensitive information outside secure sites or without verifying the legitimacy of it first!

Other Ways to Get Cash for Your Gift Cards

Gift cards are a popular gift choice for many people, but what if you don’t want or need the card that you received? Fortunately, there are several ways to turn that unwanted gift card into cash. In addition to some of the more well-known methods like selling your gift card online or using a buyback program through the retailer that issued it, there are other options available.

Sell Your Gift Card Directly to a Friend or Family Member

One simple way to get cash for your gift card is by selling it directly to someone you know. This can be a great option if you have a friend or family member who wants the gift card and is willing to pay you its value in cash. This avoids any fees associated with other methods of exchanging gift cards and can also help ensure that your money goes directly into your pocket.

However, keep in mind that not everyone may be interested in buying your particular gift card, so this method may take some effort on your part. You’ll want to find someone who either shops frequently at the store where the gift card was issued or who would appreciate having the opportunity to shop there.

Use a Gift Card Exchange Service like Cardpool or CardCash

Another option for getting cash for your unwanted gift cards is by using an exchange service such as Cardpool or CardCash. These services allow users to sell their unused gift cards at a discount rate and receive payment in return.

With these services, users create an account and list their unwanted cards along with their value. Interested buyers then purchase those cards from them at reduced prices (sometimes up 30% off), giving sellers immediate access to cash without having wait until they’re able use their original gifts.

Keep in mind though: since these sites make money by facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers (by charging transaction fees), it’s possible that price offered might be less than full face value of the card.

Trade Your Gift Card for a Different Gift Card at a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

Some retailers also offer in-store gift card exchange kiosks, where users can trade an unwanted gift card for one from the store or company running the kiosk. These exchanges usually happen at no additional cost to you and provide a quick way to turn your unused gift cards into something that might be more useful or interesting to you.

However, as with any other method of exchanging gift cards, it’s important to do some research before heading out on foot. Not every retailer may offer this service or have an active kiosk available near your location. To locate these services, check with individual stores (often they’re located near customer support areas), like Coinstar® Exchange kiosks in grocery stores nationwide — although take time reviewing rates, fees and policies outlining what kind of cards are accepted beforehand.


Unwanted gift cards don’t need to go unused and collect dust; there are many ways that you can convert them into cash . Selling it directly to friends/loved ones is simple but doesn’t guarantee results; using online platforms such as Cardpool or CaredCash can earn extra greenbacks – albeit not always face value- quickly from home; trading your card in-person at retailer exchange booths is convenient yet relies heavily on proximity & availability. As always when contemplating unfamiliar financial transactions involving third parties while keeping privacy risks top-of-mind: make sure read agreements carefully and use good judgement before embarking upon any new way of monetizing unwanted gifts!


1) How does getting cash for my gift card work?

Answer: You can sell your unwanted or unused gift cards online to a reputable gift card exchange company. Simply provide information about the retailer, card value, and any applicable fees. After verification, the company will offer you a payment option such as direct deposit or PayPal.

2) What types of gift cards can I sell for cash?

Answer: Most popular retailers’ gift cards are accepted by major exchanges that pay out cash. Some examples include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Best Buy and many more. However it is important to check with the exchange you choose if they accept specific brands.

3) Are there any fees involved in selling my gift card for cash?

Answer: Gift Card reselling companies usually charge a small commission fee (usually less than 10%) per transaction as part of their service charge. Additionally some other factors like time taken to complete processing etc., may attract additional fees which can easily be checked at sign up stage before beginning in order to make an informed decision.