Get the Most Money for Your Gift Cards – Here’s How

Are you tired of having unused gift cards lying around? Do you want to get the most money out of your gift card without sacrificing convenience and safety? You’re in luck! In this article, we’ll show you how to make the most of your gift cards and get cash or other valuable rewards.

Why Sell Your Gift Cards?

Gift cards are a popular way to give gifts, but they often go unused or expire before being fully utilized. According to a survey conducted by Bankrate, about $3 billion worth of gift cards goes unredeemed every year. Instead of letting your gift card sit in a drawer collecting dust, why not sell it and turn it into cash or other useful items?

Determine The Value Of Your Gift Card

To know how much your gift card is worth on the resale market, you need to determine its current value. This step is crucial because different retailers offer different rates for buying back unwanted gift cards. Here are some tips for finding out what your gift card is truly worth:

  • Check with the original retailer: Start by checking with the store that issued your gift card to see if they have any buyback programs available.
  • Research online: Use online tools such as or to find out how much others are selling similar cards.
  • Look up discounted rates: Try visiting websites like GiftCardGranny.comor RetailMeNotwhere users can compare prices from various exchange sites all at once.

Once you have an idea of your current resale value based on reliable sources such as exchange platforms , then set realistic expectations when pricing them for sale .

Choose A Reputable Buyer Or Exchange Platform

The next step in successfully converting unwanted gifts into something more useful is finding reputable exchanges that will pay top dollar. Like anything involving money transactions over internet,a degree of caution needs be exercised . Below are few tips to help protect yourself and properly evaluate who is buying your gift cards:

  • Avoid middlemen: Stick with the most popular exchanges like CardCash and Giftcard Zen rather than traders offering one-time deals via social media.
  • Check reviews: Take some time to scan third-party review sites like Trustpilot or Consumer Reports for insights into exchange platforms before making any transaction.
  • Watch out for hidden fees: Exchanges often charge processing fees. So, always ensure you know all of the applicable charges involved when finalizing a sale; don’t miss out on hidden and/or shipping costs.

Choose Your Payment Option

Once you have found a reputable buyer that suits your needs, decide how to get paid. You can choose from several payment options depending on your preference.

  • Cash payout: if immediate money is what you are looking for, this option is best suited; getting cold hard cash could be as easy as visiting an ATM .
  • Direct deposit : many exchanges offer direct deposit ,which means they will credit money directly into your bank account .This tends to take more time than receiving “instant” cash
  • Credit/Exchange Alternatives : Some platforms may offer alternatives such as eGift Cards Paypal credits etc .


So there it is – by taking advantage of online gift card marketplaces/exchanges,you’ll never again need leave unused gift cards at bottom of drawers or away shoved in wallets until expiration day arrives! As long as due attention towards careful evaluation in determining resale value thru reliable resources lik Raise,GiftCardGranny,and others followed up with working only through trustworthy players while being watchful about potential hidden charges associated with sales transactions,you should come away happy selling those non usable gifts.

Other Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Gift Cards

If you have a gift card that you know you won’t use, you might be tempted to just let it sit in your wallet. But there are other options that will allow you to get some value out of the card, without having to spend it on something that doesn’t interest you. Here are some alternative ways to dispose of unwanted gift cards.

There are many charitable organizations that accept gift cards as donations. If the card is for a store where they shop or if they can exchange the card for cash, many charities will gratefully accept it.

You could also donate your gift card balance directly to an organization by selecting “charity” or “donations” from the retailer’s website or by calling their customer service line. Some retailers partner with specific non-profit organizations, so keep an eye out for those opportunities.

This option allows you to put the value of the gift card towards supporting a cause or organization that’s important to you.

Regift It To Someone Else

If possible, regifting your unused gift card is another way to avoid wasting its value altogether and helping someone else at the same time. You should only consider this option if it’s appropriate: make sure the new recipient would actually use and appreciate what’s being offered before doing any kind of regifting.

To avoid embarrassment – if done incorrectly -, always check whether there is still money on the gift card before giving it away again as part of this process cares about ensuring everyone has a good experience while using their site!

Use It To Buy Something You Need

Even if you think there’s nothing interesting available at your original gifter’s store – don’t forget useful items such as household goods! Try looking carefully through products listed online or in-store and considering practical things like food ingredients—things which always come in handy when cooking dinners for friends or hosting a party.

Who knows? You might find something just right for you, by thinking outside the box!

Sell It To A Friend Or Family Member

If none of the above ways fit your needs, selling it to someone you know is a good option too. Reach out and see if any friends or family members are interested in buying the gift card from you at a discounted price.

This way, while you receive less than its face value, at least some cash is being generated that can be put toward other useful purchases. Who knows– they might be grateful for the chance to score a discount on their desired item(s) where there was no discount before!


Having unwanted gift cards doesn’t have to mean wasted money or frustration anymore. Try one of these alternative options next time as a last resort if selling isn’t an option. Donating it to charity and regifting could both provide great benefits as well as help someone else who could really use it! Additionally using what’s left yourself on basics like food ingredients etc., serves practical everyday purposes whilst simultaneously making sure nothing goes unused and we all get meaningful results from our gifts–win-win situation :D


1) Q: Can I sell any type of gift card for cash?
A: It depends on the retailer or brand associated with the gift card. Some popular retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart are frequently purchased by buyers in the secondary market, while others may not be as in demand. It’s always best to check with a reputable gift card exchange or reseller to see if your specific card is eligible for sale.

2) Q: How much money can I typically expect to receive when selling my gift cards?
A: The amount you can receive will vary depending on factors such as the popularity of the brand, current supply and demand trends, and fees charged by the exchange or reseller. Generally speaking, sellers can expect to receive anywhere from 60-90% of the face value of their gift card.

3) Q: What should I look for when choosing a gift card resale platform?
A: It’s important to do your research when it comes to selecting a platform to sell your gift cards. Look for a company that offers competitive rates, has positive reviews from other sellers and buyers, offers secure transactions and payment methods (such as PayPal), and has responsive customer service in case any issues arise during the process.