How to Ask for Cash for Wedding Gifts: The Best Way to Get What You Need

Weddings are a joyous occasion that brings together family and friends. However, it can be a challenge to figure out what gifts to give the happy couple. While traditional wedding gifts like china and silverware are still popular, many couples nowadays prefer cash instead of tangible items. Here’s how you can ask for cash as your wedding gift without being tacky or impolite.

Why Choose Cash as Your Wedding Gift

Cash is a practical gift that allows newlyweds to use the money however they choose. It gives them the flexibility to pay off debts, save up for a down payment on a new home, or go on an amazing honeymoon trip.

Compared with traditional registry items like kitchen appliances or bedding sets that might not fit into their style or taste, receiving cash allows couples more freedom in choosing what they really want and need.

How-to Guide: Asking for Cash Nicely

While asking your guests directly for cash may seem impolite, there are ways of requesting monetary gifts while preserving etiquette and respectfulness:

Mention Reasons

When sending out invitations or creating online RSVPs through websites like Zola or The Knot
you can include information stating why you need funds over physical goods.
For example “As we have already set up our home together,
we would appreciate financial support so we could make our first big purchase”
or “We’re excited about starting this new chapter in our lives by exploring different parts of the world after our wedding day”.

Create A Registry Website

You can consider setting up a wedding registry website which displays exclusively monetary donations your guests will contribute,
It’s also best top provide detailed information about how these contributions will benefit bride and groom.
Additionally make sure to offer other helpful details such as dress code expectations and transportation advice.

Offer An Experience As Gifts

A unique way to ask for cash gifts is by suggesting an experience or activity you plan on doing with the funds provided.
For instance, “We’re looking forward to taking this chance of beginning married life by going on a romantic weekend getaway”, and so asking for contributions towards this adventure as a wedding present.

The Benefits of Asking for Cash

There are many benefits in asking your guest list directly to contribute towards honeymoon trip, home renovation projects, or future saving plans instead of having them buy tangible items. Here are some advantages to consider:


Cash provides newly weds’ flexibility in choosing what they really want and need which isn’t restricted by their family’s taste or style preferences. 
Guests may not know the bride and groom’s preference as well as they’d like to think, moreover preferring practicality over physical goods offers much greater impact than decorative presents.

Convenience & Money Saving

Physical gifts can be expensive; both for guests who have limited budgets  and time issues due to shipping delays or unexpected breakages.
Besides buying gift cards, providing the choice of contributing online saves party attendees inconvenience while also eliminating shipping costs for groomsmen from different locations.


Asking for cash may seem impolite at first glance,
but there are plenty of ways that it can be done respectfully without offending guests.
By being honest about why you would prefer monetary donations rather than traditional registry gifts
you will give a clear impression and make things easier on everyone involved.
Moreover,your loved ones will likely appreciate knowing that they’re giving you something valuable,
and you get what helps start off your new married life together right: financial stability.


Is it appropriate to ask for cash as wedding gifts?

Yes, it is becoming more common and accepted to ask for cash as wedding gifts instead of traditional gifts. Many couples prefer receiving money over material items because they may already have everything they need or want, or simply because cash gives them the flexibility to use the money towards what they really need or want, such as a honeymoon fund or down payment on a home.

    How should I word my request for cash in my wedding invitations?

    It is important to be tactful and polite when asking for monetary gifts in your wedding invitations. Some examples of wording that you can use include: “Your presence at our wedding is gift enough, but if you’d like to contribute toward our future together, we would appreciate a small donation”; “In lieu of traditional gift registries, we kindly request any contributions be made towards our honeymoon or other financial goals”; or “We are honored by your presence at our special day and grateful for any contributions towards our future together.”

      Should I provide alternative options besides requesting cash-only gifts?

      While many guests may not mind giving money as a gift, some still prefer buying traditional types of presents such as home goods or decor items. Therefore, it’s important to give your guests options and let them decide if they want to give you something else besides money. You can create a registry that offers both physical products and experiences (such as cooking classes) alongside funds/registries set up specifically for monetary donations towards specific goals like funding travel expenses after the ceremony concludes so both parties feel satisfied with their choice!