As winter sets in, ice fishermen eagerly await the opportunity to hit the frozen lakes and rivers. If you have an ice fisherman in your life, then you know that they need a whole different set of gear compared to traditional fishing. So, if you’re looking for gift ideas for these passionate anglers, look no further than this list of 15 must-have gifts.

1. Portable Fish Finder

A portable fish finder can help locate schools of fish under the ice quickly and easily.

2. Insulated Ice Fishing Shelter

Stay warm while waiting for a bite with an insulated ice fishing shelter that provides protection from harsh weather conditions.

3. Thermal Underwear

Thermal underwear is a great way to keep warm during long hours on the ice.

4. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Rechargeable hand warmers are perfect for keeping hands nice and toasty while waiting patiently out on the frozen lake.


Clothing is important when it comes to staying comfortable on the ice, so here are some additional clothing items that will make excellent gifts:

  • Waterproof gloves
  • Waders
  • Winter boots with good traction
  • Balaclava or face mask


Ice fishermen require specific equipment unique to their hobby; here are some additional gear items they’ll be grateful to receive as gifts:

  • Tip-ups or ‘fish traps’
  • Jig poles or tip-downs
  • Tackle boxes equipped especially for icy conditions.

Fun add-ons

Throw in these fun accessories sure to please any passionate angler:

  • Coffee tumbler designed specifically for icy outdoor conditions.
  • Talking fish scale which makes funny comments each time weighed object placed upon it

When shopping for your favorite angler this year consider opting something which could make mornings just little more bit enjoyable.


We hope this list has helped you find the perfect gift for your ice-fishing enthusiast. These top 15 must-have gifts are sure to make their next fishing trip even more exciting! Remember, when shopping for a passionate ice fisherman, gear that keeps them warm and comfortable on the ice is always a good bet!

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Q: Can a non-experienced ice fisherman/woman use the Icy Catch Wireless Sonar Fish Finder?
A: Yes! The Icy Catch Wireless Sonar Fish Finder is easy to install and use. It’s suitable for both experienced and inexperienced ice fishermen/women.

Q: What size should I order if I want to gift the Shepa Men’s Arctic Expedition Jacket to my friend who usually wears XL?
A: We recommend ordering one size bigger than your usual size in case you need extra layers or room underneath.

Q: Is the Clam Outdoors X400 Thermal 4-6 Person Ice Fishing Shelter heavy/bulky to carry around?
A: Although it has a large interior space, the Clam Outdoors X400 Thermal 4-6 Person Ice Fishing Shelter is surprisingly lightweight (only 75 pounds!) and portable, making it easy to move from one fishing spot to another using its convenient transport wheels.