Jade Anniversary Gifts for Him: 10 Ideas to Show Your Love

Celebrating a milestone anniversary with your significant other is a special occasion. If you’re celebrating your 20th or 35th wedding anniversary, jade is the traditional gemstone associated with these anniversaries and makes an excellent gift option.

Are you looking for unique and memorable jade anniversary gifts for him? Look no further than these 10 ideas curated by our BestInvesters team.

Upgrade his formal attire with these stylish jade cufflinks. These elegant accessories are perfect for both work and special occasions.

Jade tie bar

If he loves wearing ties, consider gifting him this sleek jade tie bar. This subtle yet sophisticated addition to his wardrobe will make him stand out from the crowd.

Jade chess set

Bond over a game of chess on your special day with this exquisite jade chess set. It’s practical, beautiful, and something that can be treasured as a family heirloom in the future.

Jade bracelet

Surprise him with a stunning piece of jewelry that he’ll cherish forever. A simple but meaningful green jade bracelet is perfect to wear every day as it complements any outfit beautifully.

Green jade necklace

If he isn’t one to shy away from bold fashion statements, surprise him with a statement green pendant necklace made of intricate craved pieces of green stones!

Hand-carved statue

A hand-carved statue made of authentic Burmese or Chinese white-jade stone may serve as an eye-catching ornament in his home office or study room; besides being an expression love gesture!

Traditional Carved Chinese Vase:

BestInvesters recommends a traditional carved vase- presented aesthetically – making it more thoughtful by customizing its design just for show how much you love them! Our readers highly recommend shopping Japanese & Korean online stores when searching unique vases!

Decanter Set With Inlaid Jade

Another unique and treasurable jade anniversary gift for Him is a decanter set with inlaid jade. This sophisticated set is ideal for sharing a drink with friends or indulging in a glass of your favorite vodka.

Jade bookend

Make his home office look more luxurious by gifting him this charming pair of bookends made from polished green jade, enhancing the aesthetics and adding just the perfect touch to any library!

Feng Shui Turtles:

Feng Shui turtles are highly valued symbols throughout Asia. If he loves them, surprise him with an exquisitely carved turtle statue crafted from precious Burmese jade as it brings good luck!

In conclusion, Choosing the perfect gift can be challenging particularly during celebrating milestone anniversaries. By following our selected ten ideas above , we hope that you’ve found inspiration on how to express timeless love through the artistry of genuine carved jade!


What is the traditional gift for a Jade anniversary?
– The traditional gift for a Jade anniversary is, of course, jade! But if you’re looking to mix it up, consider a gift with a jade-inspired element or theme.

What are some unique jade gifts for him?
– A personalized jade bracelet, a set of carved jade cufflinks, or even a framed piece of jade art would all make great and unique gifts for your loved one.

Are there any specific meanings behind giving jade as an anniversary gift?
– In many cultures and traditions, jade symbolizes luck, prosperity, and strength. By giving your partner a piece of this precious stone on your anniversary, you are acknowledging their importance in your life and wishing them well in the years to come.