Nursing Gifts: 50+ Ideas Your Coworkers Will Love

As a nurse, finding the perfect gift for your coworkers can be challenging. With so many different personalities and interests, it can be tough to find something that everyone will appreciate. That’s why we’ve put together this list of nursing gift ideas – to make your search easier and more enjoyable!

Whether you’re looking for gifts to celebrate Nurses Week or simply want to show your colleagues some appreciation, we’ve got you covered with these 50+ creative and thoughtful ideas.

General Nursing Gifts

If you’re not sure what specific area of nursing your coworker is in or they have varied interests outside of work, here are some general nursing-themed gifts:

  • “Keep Calm I’m a Nurse” Tumbler: An insulated tumbler with an amusing slogan like this one will keep their drink hot or cold during long shifts.
    • If they prefer tea over coffee, consider adding in some herbal tea sachets as well.
  • Personalized Stethoscope Name Tag: A stethoscope name tag that has their name on it adds a personal touch while also making their stethoscope easy to identify.
    • Some customizable ones even come with added features such as retractable reels that are useful when attending patients.
  • Compression Socks: These comfortable socks provide ankle and arch support which goes a long way towards reducing soreness after standing for extended periods of time.
    • They usually come in lively designs that look good under scrubs too!
  • Motivational Keychains: Give them motivation throughout the day by attaching keychains with uplifting quotes related to healthcare delivered at times nurses need it most.

Gifts For The Coffee/Tea Lover

Nursing can get exhausting – give them something energizing that’ll keep them going through those extra long shifts:

  • Cute Mug Warmer Plate Set: This amazing gadget keeps mugs warm so that they can enjoy hot coffee or tea during breaks.
  • French Press: Let your colleague experience the perfect cup of coffee anytime throughout their day by gifting them a french press to take with them on the go.
  • Reusable Travel Mug: A travel mug is an essential item for any nurse. Make it eco-friendly too and gift them one made from bamboo fiber!

Gifts For The Nurse Who Needs Self-Care

Nurses, as healthcare workers, spend most of their time caring for others – help take care of your colleagues with these gift ideas:

  • Sleep Mask Set: Help them get some much-deserved rest after long shifts with sleep masks that keep light out while providing comfort fit around eyes.

    • Consider adding a calming lavender mist spray to enhance the results.
  • Personalized Journal: Gifting a journal allows nurses to vent frustrations, reflect on each day’s work and set reminders for upcoming shifts

    • Having their name on it adds a personal touch!

Gifts Ideas That Are Fun And Memorable

Looking for something outside-of-the-box? These unique nursing-themed gift ideas are sure to leave an impression:

  • Prescription Coffee Mug: This creative mug looks like an old-school medicine bottle complete with dosage instructions written as “wake up” dosages which provides entertainment and inspiration in equal measures when they need it most.

  • Brain Specimen Coasters: Setting drinks down is never boring when using coasters that look just like real human brain samples.

In conclusion, finding gifts that will make our coworkers feel appreciated is important (especially since we’re all working together closely). We hope this guide helps you find something meaningful and useful while at the same time being fun and memorable!

Unique Gift Ideas: A Stethoscope, Watch, Planner, Tote Bag & Coffee Shop Gift Card

Are you searching for a unique and thoughtful gift idea for your friend or loved one? If so, look no further than our curated list of gift ideas that are sure to impress. Whether it’s a stethoscope for the aspiring medical professional in your life or a coffee shop gift card for your caffeine-addicted coworker, we have something for everyone.

Why Choose Uncommon Gifts?

There is something special about giving an uncommon gift. Rather than settling for generic items like socks or bath products, choosing an uncommon gift shows that you put thought and consideration into the present. It can also be a great way to support local businesses and independent artists while providing your recipient with something truly unique.

Gift Ideas

1. A Stethoscope

For the aspiring medical professional in your life, few gifts are more practical than a stethoscope. Not only is this essential tool necessary for daily use by doctors and nurses alike; it can also be personalized to reflect the recipient’s taste and style.

  • Consider purchasing a high-quality stethoscope with added features such as noise reduction technology or multiple chest piece options.
  • Make it personal by having the recipient’s name engraved on the tubing.
  • Add some fun flair with customized earpieces showcasing their favorite color or sports team.

2. A Watch

A watch is not only fashionable but also functional – making it an excellent choice as a part-of-everyday-life kind of gift. With many styles available from rustic leather bands to rose-gold bracelets,choose between feature-packed smartwatches and timeless classics – here are some suggestions:

  • Consider classic brands like Citizen or Seiko if looking at traditional watchmaking standards
  • Look into fitness tracking watches if they have expressed interest in optimizing their workouts
  • Fashion design brands offer endless variety styles to choose from – consider a deeper understanding of their interests and tastes

3. A Planner

In this fast-paced world we live in, everyone needs a planner at some point. It not only helps with keeping one’s schedule organized but also provides an overall vision for the long run. Consider these ideas when choosing:

  • Look for designs that fit your friend’s style, such as bold colors or minimalist themes.
  • Find planners with added features like self-care tips or goals planning to help them achieve more fulfillment.
  • Some paper goods are eco-friendly alternatives than traditional materials – depending on who you’re gifting to this could make all the difference.

4. A Tote Bag

For the ones who always need everything, look no further than a stylish tote bag! Totes can be versatile enough where it is perfect for casual fashion wear and functional enough where it can double as grocery shopping bags.

  • Choose durable materials like canvas or leather that can withstand daily use.
  • Consider prints and designs that reflect their taste – maybe even including pockets if they love organization!
  • Environmentally-conscious options exist made from recyclable plastics, ocean waste nylon, and biodegradable materials.

5. A Gift Card to a Local Coffee Shop

Last but certainly not least, what better way to show someone you care than by providing them with caffeine? Regardless of how much time they drink coffee every week – there is something therapeutic about supporting local businesses over mainstream corporations.

  • Discover independent shops in your area that offer fair-trade beans
  • Organic ingredients sometimes used should cater well those looking at health-conscious choices
    -Mobile application gift cards provide ease-of-use too while reducing instance contact interaction points during Pandemic era


Gifting does not have to be stressful; Instead of being burdened by generic gifts found just about anywhere,rely on the above suggestions next time around. Whether you choose practical stethoscopes or fashionable totes, giving a unique gift over something generic is sure to make them feel valued. Along with supporting independent businesses providing high-quality goods and services in this situation of current global difficulties – it’s essential that we show our support where applicable.


What kind of gifts can I get for my nursing coworkers?
There are a variety of gifts you can get for your nursing coworkers, including personalized items such as monogrammed stethoscope covers, nurse-themed jewelry or keychains, custom coffee mugs with funny or inspiring sayings, and practical items like compression socks or a stylish tote bag to carry their supplies in.

How do I know what type of gift to give each coworker?
Consider the individual interests and preferences of each coworker when selecting a gift. For example, if one colleague loves to read, consider gifting them with a book on healthcare-related topics or an e-reader loaded with books they can enjoy during breaks at work. Alternatively, if another colleague enjoys cooking and baking, why not gift them with a recipe book that features healthy meal ideas?

Are there any affordable options for nursing gifts?
Yes! There are plenty of affordable options available that still show your appreciation for your coworkers’ hard work and dedication. A cute pair of compression socks typically cost between $10-$20 and make an excellent gift option that will help alleviate foot pain during long shifts. Personalized stationery sets featuring beautiful nurse-themed designs can also be found at reasonable prices online or in specialty stores. Additionally, many health food stores now offer pre-packaged snack boxes specifically designed for nurses who need quick energy boosts while working long hours; these usually range from $15-30 dollars per box depending on size and contents included