Saran Wrap Game Gift Ideas For Adults

Are you looking for a fun and unique gift idea for your next adult holiday party or family get-together? Look no further than the ever-popular Saran Wrap Ball Game! This game is easy to set up, inexpensive, and provides hours of entertainment. In this article, we’ll share some helpful tips and creative ideas to make your next Saran Wrap game night even more exciting.

What is the Saran Wrap Ball Game?

The Saran Wrap Ball Game has become a viral sensation on social media platforms in recent years. The game involves wrapping small novelty gifts in multiple layers of plastic wrap until they form a large ball. Players take turns rolling dice or answering trivia questions to earn the chance to unwrap the ball and claim one of the prizes inside.

How to Set Up The Saran Wrap Ball Game

Here’s what you need:

  • A variety of small trinkets or toys such as mini liquor bottles, funny socks, office supplies, candy bars etc.
  • A roll(s) of plastic wrap
  • Dice (optional)
  • Timer (optional)

Step 1: Gather your prizes
Gather various types of small gifts that would fit into different shapes/sizes. Consider items like mini nail polish bottles or stickers/jewelry from online shops. Purchase these items at dollar stores so that you can offer several trinkets without breaking the budget for each participant.

Step 2: Create Layers
Start with choosing one big item to place in center then start wrapping around it with saran wrap creating single layer thickness covering it completely until all the trinket are covered. Add another gift every few rolls if giving out multiple pieces per person participating.

Note: You can change things up once it gets difficult by incorporating multi-colored wraps/ribbons/paper strips inside so players don’t know which package will be wrapped next making guessing challenging yet entertaining!

Step 3: Keep Adding More Gifts
As gifts are set in place, keep adding more and more wrapping to the ball. Make sure you wrap as many times as possible, it will make unwrapping the game last longer!

Step 4: Finishing Touches
Once you have used up all of your items and reached a desired size for the saran wrap gift ball, finish by tucking all of the smaller ends. You can also decorate with ribbons/candies/chocolates/snacks that complement your theme color.

Tips for Playing The Saran Wrap Ball Game

  1. Designate an order- Players could select who goes first or roll die to set sequence during each round.

  2. Set a timer (optional)- To add some fun yet exhilarating challenge, establish rules about time limits when players unwrap their prizes while others cheer them on.

  3. Have trivia questions- Instead of dice rolls try out asking random facts/trivia/quotes/questions related to holidays party themes always makes things exciting if someone gets it correct! This can be done alternatively where instead rolling dice everyone should answer question before moving forward.

Creative Gift Ideas For Saran Wrap Ball Game

1) Kitchen supplies- Good cooking spices/salt shakers shaped like animals/cooking aprons

2) Party favors- Miniature liquor bottles/ Chapstick/lip balms

3) Beauty products- Hair ties/hair scrunchies/makeup brushes/perfume sachets

4) Tech accessories – Headphones/flash drives-cables etc

5) Toys/games ideas – Rubik’s cube/stress balls/dice games/puzzles/Jenga

6) Personalized Items –Personalized Coffee Mugs/glassware/keychains/tote bags/journals/stationery

7 ) Seasonal & Holiday items – Santa hats/Mask-scarfs/Halloween Toy Prizes/Stuffed Easter Bunny Toys

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With these tips at hand, now it’s time to wrap up some holiday cheer with this unique game!

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1) What items can I include in a Saran Wrap ball for an adult gift exchange game?

Answer: You can include a variety of small and fun items like candies, chocolates, lottery tickets, mini toys, beauty products, stationery items like pens or sticky notes and so on. You can even add some novelty gifts or gag gifts to make the game more entertaining.

2) How do you play the Saran Wrap ball game with adults?

Answer: The players sit in a circle and one person starts unwrapping the Saran Wrap ball while wearing oven mitts. As they unwrap it, they get to keep any prizes that fall out before passing it along to the next player. This continues around until the last prize is claimed by someone.

3) Can I personalize my Saran Wrap ball game gift for an adult party?

Answer: Absolutely! Personalizing your Saran wrap ball with unique gift items relevant to each person’s interests is sure to make them feel appreciated and create excitement during gameplay. Simply tailor your prizes towards each individual guests’ hobbies such as adding a personalized memento or handmade trinkets will elevate your present-giving experience!