It’s always hard to say goodbye to a coworker who is moving on, whether they are retiring or just moving on to a new job. But you can make their transition a little easier by giving them a thoughtful going away gift basket that shows how much they will be missed. Here are some unique ideas for gift baskets that your coworkers will love:

1. “Bon Voyage” Travel-Themed Gift Basket

  • A travel-themed mug or tumbler
  • Personalized passport holder
  • Luggage tag with their name and contact information
  • Scratch-off world map

2. “Coffee Break” Gift Basket

  • Bags of gourmet coffee beans
  • Cute and quirky coffee mugs
  • Coffee syrups and flavored creamers
  • Biscotti or other sweet treats

3. “Tea Time” Pampering Gift Basket

  • Assorted tea bags, loose leaf teas, or tea sachets
  • Pretty teapot or teacup set
    _ Lavender-scented candle
    _ Bubble bath or herbal bath salts

4. “Wine Lovers” Farewell Gift Set

_ Two glasses personalized with names & date
_ Bottle of wine of choice (red/white)
_ Wine opener kit( Corkscrew tool )
_ Small serving tray

5 . “Goodbye Sweets” Sweet Treats Farewell Box

_ Chocolate covered pretzels    
_ Gourmet cookies                    
_ Handmade chocolates                
 Bottles of Fruit Juice / Sparkling water

These gifts are sure to bring cheer during the worker’s stay at home! You can also consider including other goodies such as handmade cards signed by colleagues and friends.

When creating your going-away present, keep in mind the interests and preferences of those involved as well as the special memories they will be taking with them.

Tips to Make Your Going-Away Gift Basket Stand Out

  1. Personalize your gift: Consider adding a personalized touch by including their favorite snacks, drinks, and other items that reflect their personality.
  2. Keep it simple: While it’s great to include a variety of goodies in your going-away basket, make sure that it is not too complicated for them to enjoy.
  3. Focus on Quality: Choose high-quality products or brands from trusted sources that you know are good.

Once you’ve put together all the goodies for your co-worker’s farewell basket, there are many creative ways you can present it! Here are some ideas:

1) Personal Delivery – If possible,
drop off the basket at work or arrange for someone to deliver the basket in person.

2) Virtual Goodbye – With more people working remotely than ever before going away gifts can still be celebrated through online video conferencing tools like Zoom or Skype.

3) Unwrapping Ceremony– This presentation style works best when everyone is present at work where the recipient unwraps their gifts while others watch.

Remember this parting gift is meant as a gesture of goodwill towards the coworker who is leaving and will ensure fond memories that last forever.

When creating a going-away gift basket for colleagues, remember how much thought goes into each item & how grateful they’ll be! Opting for simple but thoughtful self-care items like tea leaves , candles and hand-written notes shows admiration and appreciation whilst ensuring fond goodbye memories remain. We hope these 50+ unique ideas have sparked an appreciation in gifting departing coworkers something fun yet special enough just as memorable as they were during their stay at your workplace; after all nothing says ‘thank you’ better than an aesthetically pleasing (yet cost-friendly!) goodbye package tailored perfectly towards your coworkers unique interests!

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Q1. How can I make a going-away gift basket more personal?
A1. To make a going-away gift basket more personal, you can include items that reflect the recipient’s interests or memories from your time together. You can also add a handwritten note or card to express your appreciation and well wishes.

Q2. How much should I spend on a going-away gift basket for a coworker?
A2. The amount you should spend on a going-away gift basket for a coworker depends on your budget and relationship with the recipient. As an office group effort, $20-30 per person might be reasonable while closer colleagues may wish to contribute up to $100.

Q3. Can I order pre-made going away gift baskets online?
A3.Yes, there are several online retailers that offer pre-made going away gifts like UncommonGoods or Harry & David; however, these options may lack the personal touch of creating one yourself. Consider looking at Etsy shops who specialize in customized gifts based around specific themes when searching for something unique!