Small Gift Ideas For Volunteers: 50+ Affordable Gifts They’ll Love

Volunteers play an instrumental role in the success of many organizations, businesses, and even personal projects. Recognizing these individuals with thoughtful gifts is one way to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication. However, finding affordable yet meaningful gifts can be a challenge. In this article, we have curated more than 50 small gift ideas that are perfect for volunteers. These gifts are both budget-friendly and unique, making them the ideal choice to express gratitude to your volunteer team.

Why Are Gifts Important for Volunteers?

Volunteers often give up their time without expecting anything in return but recognition through a thoughtful gift can go a long way to show appreciation for their work. It also helps build relationships between volunteers and organization or business owners as it demonstrates that they value each individual’s efforts towards achieving common goals.

Essential Characteristics of Small Volunteer Gifts

When choosing small gifts for volunteers, there are some characteristics you should consider:
– Affordable: The cost of the gift shouldn’t put unnecessary stress on the organization’s or business owner’s finances
– Meaningful: A small gesture can make all the difference if it shows genuine thoughtfulness behind it.
– Functional: Practicality is key when selecting volunteer gifts; consider items that will not only look good but serve a useful purpose.
– Personalized: Taking into consideration each individual’s likes/dislikes makes a personalized touch to each gift.

Now let us explore some great ideas under $15:

Food and Snacks

If there’s one thing most people love getting as a present – its food! Here are some budget-friendly food options:
– Gourmet coffee/tea packs
– Homemade cookies/brownies/candies
– Popcorn varieties
– Chocolate truffles

Mindful Items

Sometimes mindfulness is just what everyone needs during busy times; here are some mindful item suggestions within your budget limit:
– Scented candles
– Essential oils
– Small plants or succulent planted in cute pots

Office and Desk Items

Volunteers who work from the office would appreciate receiving some of these little desk organizers, binders, and files as gifts:
– Miniature cast iron decorative paperweight.
– Customized mousepad
– Sticky notes’ fun design to add a touch of personality to their desk space

Stationery Items

For volunteers who loves journaling or are quite organized, we recommend gifting them these items under $15.

  • Personalised notepads
  • Cute pen holders for their desks
  • Inspirational quote sticky notes

Miscellaneous Gifts Under $15

If you’re looking for something different from above suggestions, here are some other options:

  • A personalized photo frame with dedicated message.
  • A reusable lunch bag kit (this also promotes sustainable living).
    -DIY Clay set crafts where they can create art pieces.

Gift Wrapping & Presentation

Before presenting the gift to your esteemed volunteer team members, ensure that it is well-packaged. You do not have to spend a fortune on gift wrapping; there are several affordable options available like colored tissue papers tied up with ribbons and confetti/glitter wraps.

In conclusion, selecting small thoughtful gifts for volunteers requires careful consideration. It should be an expression of gratitude towards individuals without putting undue pressure on budgets. The 50+ ideations listed above will certainly help to narrow down options when looking for unique gift ideas within budget limits while still making each volunteer feel appreciated.


1) What are some examples of small gift ideas for volunteers?
Answer: Some popular options include personalized thank you notes or cards, custom water bottles or travel mugs, themed tote bags or t-shirts, homemade treats or baked goods, and small tokens like keychains or bookmarks.

2) How much should I spend on a small gift for a volunteer?
Answer: The cost of a small gift can vary depending on your budget and the occasion. However, it’s important to remember that the sentiment behind the gift is often more meaningful than the price tag. Aim to find something affordable but thoughtful and personalized to express your gratitude.

3) Can you recommend any specific websites or stores for finding unique volunteer gifts?
Answer: Etsy is a great place to find handmade and customizable items like jewelry, candles, artwork, and more. Another option is Ten Thousand Villages which specializes in Fair Trade crafts from around the world. Additionally, many local shops may offer unique and affordable options as well.