The 21 Best Gag Gifts for Your Friend’s 21st Birthday

Are you looking for the perfect gag gift to give your friend on their big day? Turning 21 is a noteworthy milestone, and what better way to celebrate this special occasion than with some hilarious gifts that will make them laugh?

We’ve rounded up the best gag gifts ideas that are sure to be a hit at any 21st birthday party. From punny t-shirts to quirky accessories, here are our top picks:

A fun and playful t-shirt that your friend can wear on their birthday night out or while enjoying drinks with friends.

2. Beer Helmet

A classic gag gift that allows your friend to enjoy their favorite beverage without needing two hands!

3. Wine Bottle Glass

This cleverly designed glass holds an entire bottle of wine – perfect for a classy night in or sharing with friends.

4. Ring for Beer Bell

Your friend will feel like royalty as they ring this bell for beer all night long.

5. “Sippy Cup” Wine Glass

Give your friend the gift of feeling like a kid again while sipping wine from a sippy cup.

Tech Gadgets

For the tech-savvy and humorous person, these gadgets are both useful and amusing:

6.Hot Dog Toaster

An unexpected but practical kitchen gadget that can cook hot dogs in minutes – who wouldn’t want one?

7.All-In-One Breakfast Maker

Perfect for those who value efficiency – this machine lets you make coffee, toast bread, fry eggs and bacon all at once! The catch? It looks just like a car engine block.

Food Themed Gifts

If food is always on your mind (and let’s face it, it’s always on mine), then give these tasty-themed gags along with good ol’ fashion belly laughs:

8. Sriracha Keychain

For the friend who always needs to spice things up, this keychain allows them to bring their favorite hot sauce with them wherever they go.

9. Pizza Socks

These funny socks make it look like your friend has a delicious slice of pizza on each foot!

Punny Gifts

If you and your friend have a shared sense of humor then punny gifts can be great:

10. Avo-Rex Shirt

A silly combo shirt that combines an avocado and a T-rex – perfect for any Jurassic-Park-loving foodie in your life.

11.Panda Tea Infuser

This adorable tea infuser is shaped like a panda bear – talk about making tea time more fun!

Relaxation Themed Gifts

If relaxation is needed, these thoughtful gift items (with sarcastic twists) could be just what’s required:

12. “Go Away” I’m Introverting Mug

Introverts can now enjoy their alone time even better with this sassy mug that says “Go away” on the side.

13.Tacosaurus Rex Taco Holder

A unique taco holder shaped like a dinosaur that will add some fun flair to taco night or any dinner event!

Toilet Humor

Some people find potty humor hilarious, so here are some options for those friends:

14.Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll

Your friend’s bathroom trips can now become entertaining thanks to this toilet paper roll featuring our former president’s face!

Adult Coloring Books

Coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore! Here are two adult versions sure to get giggles:

15.The Swear Word Coloring Book

Filled with pages of colorful language and attitude, no censors included here.

##16.Fun Ways To F*ck Up Your Life Adult Activity Book

The perfect combination of creative prompts and bad advice will make your friend laugh and maybe rethink their life choices.

Useful Gags

Sometimes, the best gag gifts are those that can be used well after the party:

17. Desktop Drum Kit

If your friend is a music lover or simply enjoys making noise in general, this mini drum set is perfect.

##18.Giant Pencil

This giant pencil is not only a practical writing tool but also doubles as a fun accessory to showcase at work or school!

Funny Shot Glasses

For friends who enjoy having a few drinks:

19. Prank Pregnancy Test

A fake pregnancy test result is sure to get laughs when given as a gift.

20.”Game of Thrones” Shot Glass Set

A “Game of Thrones”-inspired shot glass set for any hard-core fan – just remember that drinking from these glasses may lead to unpredictable behavior!


Weird and Wacky Gifts

Here are two bizarre gift options that could either put you on top tier in the friendship status levels OR never invited again:

21.Banana Pod Bed

This wacky banana bed could easily double up as an art piece with its vibrant hue – also what better place for catching some z’s?

22.Fried Chicken Scented Candle

Finally no more walking into KFC to get your chicken fix because now they have created fried chicken scented candles! This candle offers all the greasy goodness without adding inches on our waistlines.

In conclusion, these 21 gag gift ideas are sure to be hilarious and memorable gifts for any 21st birthday celebration! Remember, always consider what will fit their personality best instead of going overboard which oftentimes can backfire. Whatever it may be- getting creative with wrapping paper or throwing in something small such as candies/treats- happy shopping!


Q1. What is a gag gift?

A1. A gag gift is a type of present that brings humor, laughter, and fun to the recipient’s life. It usually involves something silly or outrageous that may not have any practical use but can be amusing.

Q2. Why should I give my friend a gag gift for their 21st birthday?

A2. Turning 21 is considered a significant milestone in one’s life, and it calls for celebration with friends and family members. Gifting your friend with some hilarious and unique items can help lighten up the mood and create lasting memories.

Q3.What type of gag gifts are included in ‘The 21 Best Gag Gifts for Your Friend’s 21st Birthday’ list?

A3.The list includes various types of hilariously funny items such as Beer Socks, Slippers That Look Like Bread Loaves, Giant Wine Glass Flask, Pizza Blanket,Singin In The Rain Shower Curtain,Rainbow Unicorn Farting Mug,Birthday Cake Hat etc which will definitely make your friend laugh out loud on their special day!