The 50 Best White Elephant Gifts That Will Have Everyone Fighting for Them!

Are you on the hunt for something unique for your next white elephant gift exchange? Look no further! We’ve scoured the web to find some of the most creative, hilarious, and downright odd gift ideas that are sure to be a hit with your family, friends, or coworkers.

What Is A White Elephant Gift Exchange?

For those who haven’t participated in a white elephant gift exchange before, it’s a fun and often unpredictable party game where players bring wrapped gifts and take turns choosing from the pile. The catch is that players can “steal” an already opened gift from another player or choose an unopened one from the pile.

Now that we know what a white elephant exchange is all about let’s dive into our top picks:

Funny White Elephant Gifts

  • Toilet Bowl Mug: This novelty mug shaped like a toilet bowl will definitely get some laughs.
  • Burger Socks: Who doesn’t love burgers? These socks make them wearable on your feet.
  • Giant Gummy Bear: A five-pound gummy bear may not be practical but it certainly is amusing!
  • Inflatable Unicorn Horn For Cats: Turn your feline friend into mythical creature with this inflatable unicorn horn designed just for cats.
  • Screaming Goat Figure: This silly screaming goat figure lets out a loud scream when its back is pressed.

Useful White Elephant Gifts

  • Mini Waffle Maker: Breakfast lovers will adore this mini waffle maker perfect for making individual servings.
  • Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeve: Help reduce waste by giving away reusable coffee cup sleeves designed to keep hands safe while enjoying hot beverages.
  • Cable Bite Animals: These adorable animal-shaped cable protectors are both cute and functional at keeping USB cords intact.
  • Desk Organizer Set: An organizational set complete with paperclip holder, memo pad and pen holder is a practical gift that will get lots of use.
  • Heated Blanket: Keep your friends cozy with this soft heated blanket perfect for chilly winter evenings.

Uncommon White Elephant Gifts

  • Macaques Selfie Sculpture: This unique sculpture depicts monkeys taking selfies and makes for an interesting conversation piece.
  • Pizza Blanket: Who doesn’t want to wrap themselves up in the comfort of pizza?
  • Bonsai Starter Kit: For fans of plants, give them a new hobby with this bonsai starter kit.
  • Avocado Tree Growing Kit: Other gardening enthusiasts may appreciate an avocado tree growing kit instead.
  • Pickle Shaped Lip Balm: A lip balm shaped like a pickle? It’s weird but it works!

Creative White Elephant Gifts

  • Garden Gnome Massacre Statue: This humorous statue shows garden gnomes attacking unsuspecting flamingos!
  • Sloth-Shaped Planter: Adorable sloths make everything better including these planters that add greenery to any space regularly moving at a fast pace or busy schedule won’t harm your plant anymore!
    Miniature Golf Course Set: Give the gift of miniature golf fun complete with obstacles and balls!
    -*Nesting Dolls With Famous People Faces: These nesting dolls feature faces of famous people from history, pop culture or politics making them an unforgettable party favour.

Now that you’ve got some great ideas it’s time to pick out the perfect white elephant gift for your next exchange. Remember, keep it fun, creative, and unique!

Tips for Picking the Perfect White Elephant Gift

If you’re participating in a white elephant gift exchange, you know that finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. You want to ensure that your gift stands out from the rest and brings joy to its recipient, all while adhering to the budget guidelines set by the exchange. Here are some tips on how to pick the perfect white elephant gift.

Keep it within Budget

One of the essential rules of a white elephant exchange is setting a budget for gifts. Before you start searching for ideas, make sure you know what that limit is! You don’t want your awesome idea invalidated because it was too expensive.

Sub-Bullet Points:

  • Make sure not only does it fit into your own personal finances but also consider those who will be joining in this exchange.
  • Look online or local stores for unique finds at an affordable price point.

Think Outside The Box

When selecting a white elephant gift, try thinking outside of typical borders; unleash your creativity and come up with something unique. After all: uniqueness often equals enjoyment!

Sub-Bullet Points:

  • Getting creative doesn’t necessarily mean spending more money.
  • Search outside-the-box shops instead of traditional stores–you might find something one-of-a-kind there!

Make it Personal

If possible, choose something personalized or specific based on what you already know about its designated recipient(s). A little bit of thoughtfulness can go far when considering gifting someone.

Sub-Bullet Points:

  • Take note of their hobbies or interests—this can help guide you in deciding which option would best suit them.
  • Consider if they have any long-standing interests or signature items; perhaps getting them something complementary could add value and humor together?

Avoid Anything Controversial

While humor is definitely encouraged – steer clear away from anything controversial such as religious (or political) materials/items that could upset others present at this gift exchange.

Sub-Bullet Points:

  • While humor can bring people together, it’s essential to remember not everyone will share the same sense of humor.
  • It is important to keep in mind that this event’s goal is to have fun without worrying about offending anyone along the way.


In conclusion, picking out a white elephant gift doesn’t have to be stressful or anxiety-inducing. Keep your options open and show some thoughtfulness when selecting an item for your recipient that won’t break the bank! Be creative and go beyond ordinary: this helps make the exchange more enjoyable for everyone involved, and avoid controversial content at all costs!

With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to pick something that’s guaranteed to get noticed – maybe even spark laughter!–and put a smile on someone’s face. Just don’t forget: keeping with budget guidelines is just as critical as coming up with a unique idea!

Happy gifting!


What is a white elephant gift exchange?

A white elephant gift exchange is a fun and popular holiday game where participants bring a wrapped, anonymous gift to be exchanged with others. The gifts are typically humorous or quirky items that may not necessarily have any practical value.

    How many people can participate in a white elephant gift exchange?

    The number of people who can participate in the game depends on how many gifts are available and the time allotted for the activity. However, it’s best to limit the number of participants to around 10-15 people since it may take longer for everyone to get their turn if there are too many players.

      Can I re-gift an item as my white elephant present?

      Yes, you can definitely re-gift an item as your white elephant present! In fact, re-gifting is quite common during these types of exchanges. Just make sure that the item you’re giving away is still in good condition and isn’t something that was originally given to you by someone else at the same event or gathering.