The Best Gift Cards for Employees

As an employer, showing appreciation to your employees is crucial in maintaining a positive work environment and keeping them motivated. One way to do this is by giving out gift cards that they can use for their personal expenses or rewards.

In this article, we have curated some of the best gift cards for employees based on BestInvesters’s recommendations and user reviews.

Amazon Gift Card

  • Amazon offers a wide range of products that your employees may find useful.
  • You can choose from various designs and denominations ranging from $10 to $5000.
  • This card has no fees or expiration dates, making it a practical option for both the employer and employee.

Visa Prepaid Card

  • Visa prepaid cards offer the flexibility of a regular credit card without risk of overspending.
  • Your employees can use it anywhere Visa is accepted, including online purchases.
  • Some cards allow reloading funds so that you can continue using them long-term.

Retailer-Specific Cards

Gift cards specific to retailers are typically great options because many people like shopping at certain stores. Here are some popular retailer-specific gift options:


  • Target sells everything from household essentials like cleaning supplies to electronics and clothing.
  • It also offers store-exclusive deals when using its loyalty program with the gift card purchase.


  • A Starbucks coffee gift card would be perfect if you know your team loves coffee!
  • The design feature different occasions such as birthdays or congratulations message, which adds a personal touch.

Subscription-Based Services

Subscription-based services are increasingly becoming popular with their value as holiday gifts since many people enjoy trying new things out. While not technically “gift caards” these services act just like a one month subscription when activated:

Audible Membership Credits:

For avid listeners who love books but don’t always have time to sit down & read physically

Movie Tickets:

A day/night out to watch the latest movies.


Gift cards are a practical and effective way of showing appreciation for your employees. We hope this list has provided you with some great options to choose from when looking to reward your team members.

Remember that you should pick a gift card depending on what is relevant to them, so try your best to match it with their interests or hobbies. As always, before making any purchase decisions its important for employers make sure they comply with company policy and financial regulations.

How to Use Gift Cards to Show Appreciation for Employees

As an employer, finding ways to show appreciation for your employees is essential for a happy and productive workforce. While there are many ways to do this, one option that has become increasingly popular is the use of gift cards. In this article, we’ll explore how gift cards can be used as a tool for showing appreciation and the benefits they provide.

The Benefits of Gift Cards for Employees

Gift cards offer several benefits when given as a token of appreciation:

  • Freedom: Unlike traditional gifts which may not suit everyone’s preference, gift cards allow employees the freedom to choose what they want.
  • Practicality: They’re easy to give and receive, making them an ideal choice if you need something quickly or don’t have time to shop around.
  • Cost-effective: Gift cards can be purchased in bulk at a discount rate, making it more cost-effective than other types of employee rewards.
  • Motivation: When given as part of an employee recognition program or incentive scheme, gift cards can help motivate staff by recognizing their hard work and achievements.

The Different Types of Gift Cards Available For Employees

There are various types of gift card options available depending on your preferences and budget. Here are some examples:

Store-Specific Gift Card

These gift cards are redeemable only at specific stores such as or

Multi-Retailer Gift Card

Multi-retailer gift cards offer users more flexibility because they can be redeemed at multiple retailers throughout the country. Examples include Visa® Reward Cards.

Experience-Based Gifts

Another option is experience-based gifts like spa days or adventure activities such as skydiving. These tend to have higher perceived value but should reflect individual’s interests wherever possible.

In conclusion, using gift card programs can significantly increase employee engagement levels while empowering employers with various advantages that come along with purchasing these incentives in bulk quantities.They serve both practical and emotional purposes, allowing organizations to show genuine appreciation towards their employees while providing them with greater autonomy over the rewards they receive.


Q1. What are the benefits of giving gift cards to employees?

A1. Giving gift cards as rewards or recognition to employees offers numerous benefits, such as:

    Helps in boosting employee morale and motivation.
    Encourages better performance and engagement at work.
    Shows appreciation and recognition for their hard work and efforts.
    Provides flexibility for the recipients to choose what they like or need.
    Saves your time on selecting gifts individually.

Q2. Which type of gift cards are best suited for employees as a reward/gift?

A2. The choice of gift card depends on various factors like budget, preferences, occasion, etc., but some popular options include:

    Amazon Gift Cards – Ideal for online shoppers with a vast variety of products available.
    Visa/Mastercard Gift Cards – Offers ultimate flexibility to use anywhere credit/debit cards accepted.
    Starbucks Gift Cards – Perfect for coffee lovers who enjoy getting a quick refreshment break during the day.

Q3. How do I ensure that my team members don’t feel unappreciated by giving them all the same gift card?

A3. It’s important to put some thought into picking out an appropriate card; however, if you’re concerned about everyone receiving identical prizes leading to dissatisfaction or lack of enthusiasm amongst your co-workers, consider personalizing each one in one way or another (e.g., writing handwritten notes). Another idea is rotating through different types of cards throughout the year so that everyone gets something unique eventually.