The Best Gifts for Dads Who Live Far Away

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if your dad lives far away, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. Fortunately, BestInvesters has rounded up some unique and thoughtful gifts that will make any dad feel loved and appreciated, even from afar.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are always a great way to show someone how much you care. Here are some personalized gift ideas for dads who live far away:

  • Custom photo book with pictures of family memories
  • Personalized coffee mug with his favorite team logo or photos of family
  • Engraved watch or wallet
  • Custom phone case with photos or personal message

Subscription Boxes & Services

Subscription boxes or services are great because they offer something new every month. Here are some subscription box ideas that your dad will love:

  • Coffee subscription box for java-loving dads
  • Craft beer subscription service for beer enthusiast dads
  • Golf club monthly rental service if he loves golfing but not ready to commit on buying clubs.

Practical Gifts

Practical gifts can be both useful and thoughtful. Here are some practical gift ideas that your long-distance dad will appreciate:

  • Noise-canceling headphones for video chatting calls
  • Tablet stand that comes along with a bluetooth keyboard so he can work remotely in an efficient way.
  • Smartwatch so it’s easier to stay connected

These unique gifts provide convenience while still being very functional.

Tech Gadgets

If your Dad loves technology, here are some cool gadgets worth considering:

  • Video doorbell so he knows who’s by the door before opening.
  • Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker 2nd generation which uses Alexa voice control interface requires Wi-Fi connection to operate.
    For music lovers: pair it up with Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

Distance shouldn’t stop us from celebrating our amazing fathers. With these gift ideas for dads who live far away, you’ll be able to show your dad how much you love and care for him, no matter where he is.


Q: What are some great gift ideas for dads who live far away?
A: Some popular gift ideas for long-distance dads include customized photo gifts such as personalized photo books and framed pictures, tech gadgets like noise-canceling headphones or smart home devices, subscription boxes for hobbies or interests like coffee or fitness, and gift cards to their favorite stores or restaurants.

Q: How can I ensure my dad will receive his gift on time if he lives far away?
A: If you’re concerned about ensuring your dad receives his gift on time, consider ordering from a retailer that offers expedited shipping options and tracking information. You can also opt to have the item shipped directly to him from the retailer rather than sending it yourself in case of any delivery issues.

Q: Are there any thoughtful gifts I can send that don’t require shipping?
A: Yes! Some thoughtful and unique gifts you could consider sending to a long-distance dad might include a plant subscription service, which delivers a different plant each month right to his door; an online cooking class so he can learn new skills without leaving home; or even something as simple as a monthly care package filled with snacks, magazines, and other small items he’ll love but may not think to buy himself.