The Best Gifts for New Homeowners

Moving into a new house can be both exciting and stressful, but it’s always an occasion worth celebrating. As friends or family members of new homeowners, you’re eager to congratulate them on their accomplishment and give them something that will make their transition to their new home smoother. If you’re looking for some inspiration on the best gifts for new homeowners, look no further than BestInvesters.

Characteristics of Great Housewarming Gifts

Before we dive into our gift suggestions, let’s take a moment to think about what makes a great housewarming gift. Here are some key characteristics:
– Practicality: A good housewarming gift should be useful in helping the homeowner settle in or accomplish tasks related to home improvement.
– Uniqueness: You want your gift to stand out from others and show thoughtfulness towards the recipient.
– Personalization: Consider adding a personal touch or element that reflects the homeowner’s personality or interests.
– Durability: Your gift should last long enough for them to enjoy it over time.

Top 5 Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Here are five unique and practical suggestions based on our research through BestInvesters:

1) Customized Doormat ($$)

A customized doormat with their name or something fun like “Welcome Home” is not only practical but also gives off a warm vibe when guests arrive at their doorstep.

2) Smart Plug Set ($$$)

Helping automate aspects of daily life can go great lengths; introduce smart plugs so they can control many appliances easily with voice commands via Google Assistant/Alexa.

3) Homeowner Journal ($)

Encourage homeownership by getting your friend/family member started with journaling memories related specifically to owning this particular property.

4) Healthy Meal Subscription Service ($$$)

What better way than providing healthy meals delivered right at the doorstep by the best subscription service you can find.

5) Personalized Art ($$-$$$)

A unique and personalized wall art piece depicting an aspect of their home, a favorite quote or local neighborhood map makes for great additions to their new space.


When it comes to housewarming gifts, there are plenty of options out there, but opting for something practical, unique and personal will leave a lasting impression on the new homeowners. Follow these recommendations from BestInvesters to ensure your gift is thoughtful and well-received.


What kind of gifts are good for new homeowners?

Some great gift options for new homeowners include kitchen gadgets, personalized items such as towels or doormats, home decor pieces like candles or picture frames, and practical tools like a drill or toolbox.

    Is it better to give functional or decorative gifts to new homeowners?

    It really depends on the recipient’s preferences, but in general, a mix of both is ideal. Practical items that can be used around the house are always appreciated, but adding personal touches through d├ęcor can also make a space feel more inviting and warm.

      Are there any unique gift ideas for new homeowners?

      Absolutely! Consider giving things like a custom portrait of their home or a subscription box service that delivers curated home goods each month. A smart thermostat system that can help them save money on energy bills could also be an unexpected yet useful gift they’ll appreciate every day.