The Best Gifts for Someone with Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health issues people face today. While seeking professional help is always an important step in managing these conditions, there are also things that loved ones can do to support those who suffer from anxiety or depression. One way to show your support is by giving them thoughtful gifts that can help them cope during difficult times. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best gift ideas for someone with anxiety and depression.

Gift Ideas for Anxiety Relief

  1. Weighted Blankets: Weighted blankets provide a calming sensation through deep pressure stimulation which helps regulate mood swings caused by anxiety disorder.
    Our Recommendation: Gravity Blanket
  2. Essential Oils: Essential oils such as lavender oil have been shown to reduce symptoms of anxiety.
    Our Recommendation: ArtNatural Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set
  3. Fidget Toys: Fidget toys like stress balls, fidget spinners, or putty have proven useful in reducing feelings of nervousness and promoting relaxation.
    Our Recommendation: ZURU Fidget Cube

Gift Ideas for Depression Relief

  1. Therapy Light Lamps: Depression often worsens during winter months when natural sunlight exposure becomes limited thus therapy light lamps can improve mood, sleep patterns, and energy levels.
    Our Recommendation: Verilux HappyLight Compact Personal LED Bright White Light Therapy Lamp
  2. Comfort Food Basket: Often-times when experiencing depressive symptoms individuals lack interest in preparing meals therefore a basket filled with healthy snacks will be highly appreciated!
    Our Recommendation: Fresh Fruit & Snacks Basket from Edible Arrangements

Self Care Gift Ideas

Self-care has proven benefits on physical well-being which translates into stable mental health too! It’s advised you gift items that promote self-love right after (or even before) dealing with acute episodes due to anxiety or depression.
1. Bath Bombs and Bubble Baths: A relaxing bath can help reduce stress levels, promote feelings of calmness.
Our Recommendation: LifeAround2Angels Bath Bomb Gift Set
2. Yoga Mat: The physical practice of yoga has been known to benefit those dealing with mental health issues; Breathing exercises and meditations taught in the practice act as mood stabilizers too!
Our Recommendation: Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

Personalized Gift Ideas

Gifts that show you pay attention to their interests could be a perfect way to have them work on reviving passions as well! For example,
1. Personal Journal/Thought Diary: Self-reflection is vital for better management of depression symptoms—it could also serve as an outlet post-anxiety attacks.
Our recommendation: Daily Mood Tracker & Gratitude Journal Printables from Etsy.
2. Creative Art Projects such as Micromosaics or Origami Kits based on their interests – This helps individuals cultivate mindfulness while creating something they love💛
Our recommendation: Complete Mosaic Stone Kit by Hobbycraft.

As we conclude our list, it’s important to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all gift option available when it comes to anxiety and depression relief items so heed the preferences and needs that your loved ones might have expressed earlier before making any purchases—Even if these mean taking a break from gifting altogether (perhaps replacing presents with quality time spent together).

By helping enhance our loved ones’ wellness capacity, showing empathy throughout the process amplifies reward-based behavior towards growth ultimately strengthening relationships especially during trying times like this✨

Best Gift Ideas for Those Who Prefer Quality Time Over Material Gifts


It’s not uncommon to come across individuals who are not fond of receiving materialistic gifts or have expressed a desire for quality time over tangible presents. While you may feel lost in finding the perfect gift for such people, rest assured that there are several gift options to choose from that can help you show your care and affection towards them.

Show Empathy when Choosing Gifts Meant for Mental Health Relief

When purchasing gifts intended for mental health relief, it is important to show empathy and understanding towards the recipient’s condition. Items such as stress balls, meditation apps, adult coloring books, or essential oils can be helpful in reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. However, it is crucial to ensure that the recipients do not feel stigmatized or judged by receiving such items. You can also consider offering support through listening and spending quality time together.

Best Gift Ideas

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas that focus on quality time spent with loved ones:

  • Cooking class – If your friend loves cooking but has never had a chance to try out new recipes, consider gifting them a cooking class where they can learn something new while enjoying quality time with you.

    • Sub-bullet point: These classes offer hands-on experience where participants interact with other students and gain confidence in their culinary skills.
  • Spa day – A relaxing spa day could be just what someone needs if they’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out recently.

  • Sub-bullet point: This one-on-one experience gives you an opportunity to bond over pampering sessions like massages, facials, sauna rooms etc.

  • Staycation – Take a break from everyday life by planning an overnight staycation at a nearby hotel or resort. Enjoy some sightseeing around town before retiring back at the cozy hotel room designed with comfort in mind- bathrobes,towels, beddings etc.

  • Sub-bullet point: This type of gift is perfect for busy people who need a holiday break from their hectic lives.

  • Art class – Experience the therapeutic effects of creative expression and take on new skills by registering to an art class together.

  • Sub-bullet point: Subjects can range from pottery making, to painting, photography or woodworking


Gift-giving should not be about materialistic items only- sometimes quality time spent with loved ones or focusing on self-care is greatly appreciated. By choosing gifts that focus on spending meaningful time together rather than just physical objects, you can spread love and happiness while strengthening relationships at the same time.


Q: What are some recommended gifts for someone with anxiety and depression?

A: Here are some gift ideas that may help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression:

    A weighted blanket to provide comfort and reduce anxiety levels
    A journal or coloring book to encourage self-reflection and mindfulness
    Essential oils or a diffuser to promote relaxation through aromatherapy
    Q: How do I choose the right gift for someone with anxiety and depression?

    A: It’s important to consider the individual’s specific needs when selecting a gift for someone with anxiety and depression. Think about things that may bring them comfort, reduce stress, or provide opportunities for self-care. You might also want to talk with them directly about what would be helpful.

      Q: Can physical exercise equipment make good gifts for people with anxiety/depression?

      A: Absolutely! Exercise has been shown to have numerous mental health benefits, including reducing symptoms of both anxiety and depression. Consider gifting items such as yoga mats, resistance bands, or free weights – anything that encourages movement can be helpful in managing these conditions.