As wedding season approaches, finding the perfect gift for your friends can be daunting. If you’re looking to steer away from traditional gifts, we’ve put together a list of unique and personalized gift ideas that would make any newly wed couple feel special.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Gift

  • The couple’s taste and interests
  • The culture and traditions of the wedding
  • Your budget

Top 20 Indian Wedding Gifts Ideas:

  1. Personalized wooden cutting board with their last name engraved on it.

    • This practical gift is beautiful and will remind them of their special day every time they cook.
  2. Customized wall clock featuring the couple’s photo.

    • This unique piece of d├ęcor will add a personal touch to their home.
  3. Handcrafted brass puja thali set.

    • A stunning addition to any Hindu household, this one-of-a-kind set includes all necessary items for puja ceremonies and worship at home.
  4. Bespoke hand-painted wine glasses.

    • Perfect for entertaining guests, these custom-made wine glasses can be painted with intricate designs or personalized messages.
  5. Traditional embroidered Rajasthani cushion covers.

    • Featuring vibrant colors and intricate embroidery work, these cushion covers are great accents pieces for any living room or bedroom.
  6. Luxury chocolate hamper filled with artisanal chocolates.
    -For couples who have everything but love sweets,this delicious gift leaves no doubt about your present!

7.Personalized leather journal notebook
-A beautifully crafted notebook where couples keep memories through photos quotes or writings

8.Travel package containing tickets/tour packages/hotel bookings etc:
For couples who loves travelling,this thoughtful experience-oriented gift ensures they create wonderful memories together

9.Set of hand-painted tea cups & saucers:
Every sip taken in these delicate beauties will remind the couple of your unique gift.

  1. Indoor plants and pots:
    Green leaves freshen homes, remove toxins, increase oxygen flow and is wonderful home decor.

  2. Customized caricature portraits:
    Based on photographs of the couple ,these personalized prints will definitely leave them smiling

  3. Handmade ceramic dinnerware set:
    Complete with plates,bowls,cutlery and glasses ,this handmade set adds rustic charm to any kitchen

  4. Personalized wooden photo frame
    A great addition to any couples bookshelf/office table consisting pictures that capture memory of joyful moments.

14.Set of scented candles & oil diffusers:
Aromatherapy has become quite popular in recent times ,and this soothing gift idea helps reduce stress,rejuvenate mind,body,and soul .

15.Handpainted jewelry organiser box :
For jewellery lovers,this addition can store trinkets while adding a touch of elegance to the dresser top.

16.Cooking classes vouchers /Online cooking subscriptions :
Encourage couples to cook together by gifting subscription to online or local culinary school courses

17.Personalised wall hangings/ DIY crafts:
Add your personal touch! Prepare something lovely using paints,papers or fabrics for newlyweds’ new home space.

18.Kitchenaid stand mixer
Thoughtful yet practical,the KitchenAid stand mixers are popular choices amongst budding bakers/making homemade pasta/sausages etc

19.A customized holiday ornament featuring the wedding date.
-Perfect reminder during holidays season,seeing their special day/year as part out tree decorations every year !

20.Newly Married Gift Basket filled with essentials.
This basket includes everything needed for an intimate night at home such as wine bottle opener,gourmet chocolates,Bath bombs,candles,towels,massage oils etc

Choosing a unique Indian wedding gift can be a challenging task. However, giving thoughtful presents that the couple can use and cherish for years to come makes the effort worthwhile.

Remember, whatever gift you choose, it’s the thought that counts. Make sure your present reflects the love you have for your friends on their special day.


Sure, here are three frequently asked questions about “Top 20 Unique Indian Wedding Gifts for Friends in 2021,” along with their answers:

Q1. What makes a gift considered unique as an Indian wedding gift?
A1. A unique Indian wedding gift is one that reflects the culture and traditions of India while being thoughtful, creative, and personalized to the recipient’s tastes and preferences. It showcases your love and appreciation for the couple while helping them start their new lives together.

Q2. What are some traditional Indian wedding gifts that can be given to friends?
A2. Some traditional Indian wedding gifts that you can give to friends include decorative puja thalis, intricately designed silverware, brass or copper utensils, shawls or sarees with intricate embroidery work or zari borders, jewelry boxes with exquisite designs, and personalized photo frames or albums showcasing pictures of the couple.

Q3.What kind of modern-day unique gifts would be suitable for gifting on an Indian wedding ceremony in 2021?
A3.There are many modern-day unique gifts available these days which make great gifts for weddings such as customized nameplates made from wood or metal; smart home gadgets like voice assistants; beauty treatments like skin care sets or salon vouchers; subscription boxes tailored to specific interests (like cooking spices set); wellness kits containing aromatherapy diffusers & essential oils etc..