Father’s Day is around the corner, and if you’re like most people, finding a gift for your dad can be challenging – especially if he’s an asshole. But fear not! We’ve scoured BestInvesters to find unique and unexpected gifts that are sure to surprise even the surliest of dads.

1. Whiskey Wedge Glass

If your dad enjoys a good glass of whiskey but doesn’t want it watered down by ice cubes, then this Whiskey Wedge glass is perfect for him. It comes with a silicone mold that creates an ice wedge in the center of the glass, keeping his drink chilled without diluting it.

2. Personalized Bobbleheads

Turn your dad into a funny bobblehead figurine! You can design a customized bobblehead based on his appearance or favorite character. It’s guaranteed to make him laugh while adding some personality to his office desk.

3. Bacon Scented Candle

For all bacon lovers out there, this bacon-scented candle has got you covered. Not only does it smell like crispy bacon strips cooking in the pan, but also its design resembles one too!

Other noteworthy options include:

  • A personalized whiskey barrel that adds depth and complexity to any spirit
  • An electric shock pen prank toy sure to generate lots of laughs
  • A vintage-style handmade guitar strap made from high-quality materials
  • Zero gravity massage chair designed specifically for neck pain relief
  • Custom embroidered socks featuring hilarious phrases or inside jokes

Remember that choosing an uncommon gift requires careful consideration when selecting something off-beat yet special at the same time. With these ideas in hand, we hope that you’ll find something delightful for even those tough-to-buy-for dads who don’t know how to express their love.

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