Valentine’s Day Gift Basket For Men: The Best Way To Show Him You Care

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about a perfect gift for your man. Rather than gifting him the same old boring gifts, why not surprise him with a thoughtful and unique Valentine’s day gift basket? Here are some tips on how to make the perfect one.

Part 1: Curating The Perfect Gift Basket

To curate the perfect gift basket, you need to keep in mind his interests, personality traits, likes/dislikes and hobbies. By combining these factors, you can come up with an awesome customised basket that he will love!

Step 1: Pick A Theme

Choosing a theme helps in creating a cohesive look while also making it easier for you to decide what goes into the basket. Some common themes include gourmet food baskets, sports-themed baskets or luxurious spa kits.

Step 2: Select Unique Gifts

Make sure that you select items that align with your theme but also stand out as unique gifts. Look for things such as silly socks or a trendy phone case he wouldn’t buy himself.

Step 3: Personalise Your Gifts

Personalising presents is easy yet effective when done right! It shows extra thoughtfulness put into your chosen present by giving it sentimental value.

Part 2: What To Put In His Valentine’s Day Gift Basket?

Here are some ideas on what could go into his valentine’s day gift basket:

  • Gourmet chocolate bars (with personalised messages)
  • A bottle of his favourite wine or rare whiskey
  • Scented candles from local makers
  • Manly grooming essentials like beard oil and hair wax.
  • An activity kit centered around something he loves
    • Such as painting supplies if he enjoys art
    • Fishing equipment if he loves being outdoors

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This Valentine’s Day show him how much you care by taking the time to perfectly curate a gift basket. By following our guide curated specifically for “him”, you’ll be able to create something special he will truly cherish.


What should I include in a Valentine’s Day gift basket for men?

You can include various items such as grooming essentials, food, chocolates or candies, wine or whiskey glass set, socks and ties, tech gadgets like wireless earphones or phone chargers.

    Is it necessary to include romantic gifts in a Valentine’s day gift basket for men?

    Not necessarily. You can tailor the gifts according to his preferences and interests. If he is a sports enthusiast then you can add sports merchandise like jerseys that he loves.

      How much should I spend on a Valentine’s day gift basket for men?

      The amount you spend is up to your discretion but keep in mind the budget that works best for you both.Get creative with affordable options by including DIY handmade items like love letters or coupons which would add more personal sentiments without breaking the bank.